Stress relief is the number one thing most women need more of. There are so many stressors on women today; family, work, finances, health, relationships. Good or bad, stress is a major part of our lives. And the biggest obstacle to obtaining relief women have are their own beliefs. Many women today don't even realize how far down the priority pole they place me, we all know about this one! Every day take some time just for you to destress and get back in touch with yourself. Seriously, is anyone gonna miss you for 15 minutes? And what if they do? It would be good for them, so be good to yourself. Here are some easy stress relief ideas for women everywhere. I hope you all learn to use them more often!

*Exercise every day. Even if it just means taking a walk around the block! Exercise is the number one way doctors recommend to reduce stress. Physical activity actually decreases the stress hormones that are released in the body. You know, the ones that cause premature aging? That get your attention?

*Get outside. Just breathing in fresh air from the outdoors can help you to release stress and reconnect with yourself. Remember to stop and smell the roses...let the wind blow over you, feel raindrops on your skin, or enjoy the warm sunshine.

*Listen to music. Whether it's a calming concerto or uplifting spiritual music or something in between, find time to listen! Music soothes the savage beast you know!

*Learn about something just for yourself.

*Journal your feelings. Writing down things that bother you and potential solutions can be incredibly healing and reduce anxiety. It allows you to take control of your thoughts and come up with solutions to problems in a structured way.

*If stress is causing you a lot of anxiety, try to get to the root of the problem. Nine times out of ten the problem is that your self talk is not as positive as it should be. Self talk is the way we address ourselves when something stressful occurs. If your self talk is saying things like "I always mess this up" or "I will just fail" or other negative ideas, you need to adjust your self talk. Come up with a positive affirmation you can tell yourself when you recognize negative self talk. How about, "My best is always good enough" or "I am confident I will succeed". You may not totally believe those statements at first, but say them every time you notice negative self talk. Eventually you will retrain your thoughts. It takes practice, so keep at it!

*If you believe in a higher power, make sure you have a stress chat every day. End it with a "Thank You for letting me put these things in Your hands". Knowing He has your back can ease stress considerably.

*Have a "spa" night. Draw a luxurious bubble bath, add some wine and good chocolates, even some flowers and perfumed oil. Inform your family that you are off limits until you come out. Unless the house is burning down, you don't want to hear them. At all. Better yet, send them to the movies!

Above all, if you find your stress and anxiety causing you constant interference with your life, it's time to seek some help. There is no weakness in this, it is brave! Contact your family doctor to ask for guidance and care.

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