Stress comes in many and varied forms, mostly unsuspected by most of us. We are generally aware of the emotional stress that can be caused by such upsets as losing a close friend or relative, but how many realize that allergies and sensitivities also cause huge and often unrecognized stress upon the immune system. And how many of us realize that all stress is additive?

There was a list published several years ago that listed "degrees" of stress for various emotional stress such as death of spouse, loss of job, and lots of other items. However, what this list didn't take into account is that we are all INDIVIDUAL! No two of us are exactly alike, including even twins! We may have inherited some genetic material, but from the moment of birth there are slightly differing experiences that slightly change us in some ways that we don't completely understand. This INDIVIDUALITY is very important to understand. One person can go thru the same experience as another, but be affected very much differently.

However, that list did serve a purpose. It did show that stress was a factor in all disease, including cancer. Persons who experienced the high end factors such as losing a spouse were much more susceptible to cancer and other problems. This finding goes along with the theory of stress, combined with poor nutrition, and predisposition are all necessary for a particular disease to occur in a particular person.

Predisposition is important because this combines your genetic "wired (genetic brain knowledge", and your "learned" brain knowledge to form your individual response to the stress - i.e. how your body and brain handles it. Or, what particular disease such stress may cause.

Nutrition is important as if you (along with virtually all of us on this planet) are somewhat malnourished to severely malnourished. The vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc needed to combat the particular stress may be missing, and this leads to disease. (They even sell "Stress Packs" containing primarily B Complex and Vitamin C as we know that this is what is depleted, mostly in high stress situations.)

There are two major stress factors that are mostly unknown to most people. These are responsible for a majority of all so-called "mental disease". If these two are solved, then most mental problems are solved.

Heavy Metal Toxicity. We are gradually increasing in mineral toxicity all over this planet. Mercury, in particular,is increasing in the air, soil, and even the seas. It is the major cause of autism, a growing cause of depression and a contributor at least to ADD/ADHD. but Big Pharma makes too much profit from vaccines that use mercury as a preservative (thimerosal). This "heavy metal" contamination is gradually killing the planet and we, the inhabitants.

MD's are trained (or brainwashed by Big Pharma) to use "chelation" drugs such as EDTA, and few MD's are even aware that simple vitamin C does this job even better but it takes time. (It's also a lot cheaper and results in better health overall). 2 to 4 grams daily of vitamin C will gradually take all toxic minerals out of the body and eliminate this major stress factor. The more used, the faster these toxins go out. Mercury, lead and aluminum all can actually kill brain cells. I believe that this is the difference between ADD/ADHD and the actual autism spectrum. If the brain is damaged, by a heavy mineral, then there is autism.

Allergies and Sensitivities As I said above, stress is additive, and all allergy/sensitivity is certainly stressful on the body, so add this continual or seasonal stress together with emotional or job related stress, and the level gets higher and higher. If your diet isn't a good one (and whose really is in this culture of packaged foods), your body and brain loses some immunity, and here comes disease.

Author's Bio: 

Phil Bate PhD is a retired Orthomolecular Psychologist
And a pioneer in many new Alternate Health therapies.
He is the inventor of Neuroliminal Training that is
the "affordable" alternate to Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback) -