Stress is an emotion that most people try to escape from. But can you really escape from stress, or why would you want to? Is stress really bad for us, or does it serve a purpose? With all the demands in life, like work, family, parenting, relationships, and marriage, of course we will feel some stress.

Stress is defined as pressure and tension the body is experiencing, it’s a physical strain on your mental and physical body. Their are some big misconceptions when it comes to stress. Most people want to get away from it and find a really good Stress reducer or some kind of quick fix to remedy it. Of course we want to get away from stress with a nice stress reducer, because it doesn’t feel good to be stressed out, and I don’t know too many people who like to feel bad.

I don’t recall hearing anyone saying, “I want to feel bad today, or I feel bad today and it’s wonderful.” Most people desire to feel good and have those warm fuzzy feelings. Of course we all know it’s close to impossible to feel absolutely wonderful every moment of the day, but it is possible to feel happy way more often than you are currently feeling it now. Happiness is your birthright so don’t you think it’s about time you reclaim that happiness, and find a way to let go of so much of the negative stress you are feeling each day?

In my opinion it’s time to throw out the stress reducer pills, lotions, and potions, because I truly believe stress in some doses can be, a very powerful tool in your life. This is a very radical opinion since most opinions point to stress being very bad for your health. Stress like all other emotions server a purpose. It’s a signal that your body is trying to send you that something is not on track in your life.

Imagine your life for a moment. Is there an area of your life where you feel a lot of stress? What is that stress trying to tell you? Perhaps you have been taking stress reducer pills and haven’t really worked through your stress? The stress you are experiencing has a lesson hidden inside. If someone is stressed about his or her job, then perhaps the message is, it’s time to step up and find a career that you love. If a mother is stressed about her children, perhaps the message is, to connect with her kids on a deeper level.

You see stress is a message, not to be feared or pushed away with stress reducer medications. When you feel stress, do your best to look at it in a new light. There are many great stress reducers that increase your personal power, and balance your heart and mind together. I truly believe a stress reducer like this is what everyone need’s, it’s exactly what I teach to everyone. We don’t need to be medicated 24/7 just to get through the day, we just need better tools to soar in our lives.

Obviously for legal reasons I must warn you to consult with a physician before stopping any prescribed medications.

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Dr. Dan Ardebili is the author of the Best Selling Book, “RockStar: 45 RockStar Lessons: How to Be a RockStar in Your Life, and Make the World Your Stage!”

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