Stressed Out---A Foot Massage Just Might Help!
I love putting my feet in a foot massage bath. Now, it doesn’t replace the human touch, but it’s quick and easy to set up. However, putting one’s feet in a massage tub doesn’t work if one’s wants only a foot rub and plans to use some type of oil on one’s feet.

It has been recommended that when you’re stressed out or feeling tired and out of sorts, welcome to the club! Millions of Americans go through life feeling a little fatigued, as though their zest for life is simply gone. However, a peppermint-olive oil foot rub has been known to help restore one’s vitality. Add three or four drops of peppermint oil to 1 tablespoon of olive oil, then massage it into one’s clean feet and given in to the sensation. After all, isn’t the purpose of having a foot rub or massage, is to feel something. A feeling that will help one alleviate stress and just give into a sensational feeling.

There are many individuals who suffer from an ingrown toenail. Now, surprising as it may sound, an herbal foot massage can soothe the pain of an ingrown nail and protect against the development of a potentially serious infection. Combine 1 ounce of infused calendula oil with 10 drops each of thyme, oregano, and lavender oil and apply the mixture all over one’s foot. The hands-on attention will make the area feel a lot better, and the oils will help reduce swelling and pressure around the sore nail.

Now, when it comes to one’s toes, nail fungus looks quite ugly. A foot massage is not going to happen, if one has nail fungus. Fungal infections on o beneath a nail can be difficult to get rid of. Before trying more toxic therapies, many of which are only marginally effective, begin a regimen of nail painting with grapefruit extract. Paint only the affected nail once or twice a day, being careful not to apply the extract to the surrounding skin, which may become irritated. For best results, continue this treatment for six weeks.

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