What do you do with the stress?

How long does it take most conversations to come to the financial melt down issue? Not very long these days.

We can feed each others fear or hope? The biggest difference is your state of mind and heart. What can you do to let go of these internal and external stressors so we can allow hope back? With hope change is possible. With hope vision comes back. With hope we can take action. This is not the time to kill yourself nor bury yourself in depression or anxiety.

I have some hope fillers. They are stress busters. They are Guru dust.
They will allow you to become your own Guru. Guru literally means one who takes you out of darkness into the light. If you want more light, more hope, more connection. Take this action and do these.
They are my gift to you.

Shaking Hands: Change energy
Hold hands on either side of your head close to the ears and begin shaking the hands keeping the wrists loose and the fingers semi tight.

Gift: Brain Balancer. Helps release unwanted conversations and obsessive thoughts

90 seconds

Now I want to give you one you can do while driving, in the bathroom, walking down a hall, at your desk and almost anywhere.
This will be the new American Anthem. The capacity to realign ourselves in the depth of our being.

Break Breath—To break overwhelm or frustration
Inhale in four equal sips either through your mouth or nose. Exhale in the same manner.
When really stressed, it is easier to breathe through the mouth. Start this breath from as deep in the trunk of your body as possible.

Gift: It will break the problem into manageable pieces, give you a clearer thinking, and more energy.

60-90 seconds.

Let me know how these work for you.

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