You can order stretch ceilings with a picture on the website
Similar ceiling paintings open the door for creative options for decorating a stretch ceiling. Let's see why stretch ceilings with photo printing are so popular?

Stretch ceilings with the image are obtained as a result of applying photo printing to the film. This technology opens the door to consumers and gives unlimited opportunities to decorate the ceilings as you wish. Thanks to the use of photo printing on suspended ceilings, the implementation of many design ideas is much easier. Moreover, the quality and strength that such stretch ceilings possess do not differ from ordinary.

The stretch ceiling with the desired design is selected taking into account many factors. In order for the ceiling to look most spectacular, you need to consider not only color and pattern, but also texture, combination with other interior elements, room style. In order for your stretch ceiling to be chic, it is necessary to achieve the harmony of all these factors.

Stretch ceilings with a pattern always look original and beautiful. There are many options for applying the image on the stretch ceiling. It can be one element in the center of the canvas, or the image can occupy the entire stretch ceiling, it all depends on your imagination. The images on the ceilings themselves are very different, and you can come up with your original image. For example, in offices on a stretch ceiling, abstraction is used. The stretch ceiling with the printed image in the house or apartment can be very different with bright pictures and images created in pastel colors.

Application of the image often occurs on satin or matte fabrics. Images on a stretch ceiling are applied using waterproof ink, which is absolutely safe for humans. Such stretch ceilings can be used even in rooms with high humidity, the image will not be erased and does not deform in any way.

Of course, the combination of interior and stretch ceilings with a lot of drawings applied is quite creative. However, it is very important not to overdo it and adhere to one style. Only competently harmonizing interior elements with ceilings can you achieve an amazing effect!

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