Stretch marks treatment methods come in different forms - from simple methods such as skin creams to more serious ones such as surgical procedures. Each of these methods has its advantages and drawbacks but all of them can help in eliminating the marks in different degrees.

The very best treatment is the one that works effectively for you and your unique skin type and condition. Though reviews and information from various websites can help you choose the right treatment, the last decision is still yours to make. Remember that some stretch mark remedies may have better effect on some people than others. You need to try different products to be able to know which one works best so it is essential to keep an open mind and be flexible.

Stretch mark creams are the most common and the easiest way to get rid of the marks. They can be helpful in reducing the appearance of the ugly marks by rejuvenating and repairing the skin. This can help improve the skin and appear suppler and more natural.

You can also try retinol medications that can remove the damaged layers of the skin gradually. This results to the formation of new skin, which provides healthier and better skin. Although this treatment is effective, skin irritation can be experienced as its side effect. It is essential to get a prescription in order to use this medication to prevent other harmful side effects.

Laser therapy is now a popular option in treating the scars and marks. This procedure works by restoring the natural synthesis of collagen in the skin that helps heal the scarring and discoloration. Laser therapy can deeply penetrate into the skin better compared to stretch mark creams in the market. Although the procedure s painless, it needs a number of sessions to get the best results.

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