Using positive songs can definitely make life easier and more enjoyable. When we know how to accentuate our life with the songs, we can get simple natural highs from everyday activities and gain a much deeper appreciation for the more common elements of our day.

Positive songs, including nature sounds music and other soothing instrumentals, can be used to quiet the mental chatter and soothe the aches away from our burden ridden bodies. This clears our heads and makes us better prepared to come up with solutions. It also ensures we have the calmness needed to make those solutions take effect.

Once we begin to use positive songs on a regular basis in our lives, the benefits become clear.

4 of The Benefits of Using Positive Songs Are:

1) More Positive Emotions

2) Clearer Thinking Due to Calmed Emotions

3) Increased Sense of Inner Peace

4) Reduced Stress

Using Positive Songs: 21 Ways To Use

Do The Following While Using Positive Songs:

1) Play Positive Songs Before A Big Meeting, Interview, Presentation Or Pressure Filled Event, Optional: Choose A Relaxing Song First To Undo Your Nerves

2) Sit In A Warm Bath

3) Using Relaxing Positive Songs, Lie On your Back In A Laying Meditation; Shavasana

4) Use Relaxing Songs To Do A Simple Breathing Meditation; Exhale For A Longer Count Than You Inhale

5) Carry Your Headset To Use For Long Line Waits & Unexpected Delays

6) Take A Rest Break During The Busy Day With Your Relaxing Or Energizing Positive Songs (Use Whichever Is Best For The Moment)

7) Play Relaxing Music, Including Nature Sounds, To Wind Down For Better Sleep

8) Play While Sitting In The Dark To Become Completely Involved

9) Light A Few Candles To Add To The Mood You Want to Set

10) Use Incense & Aromatherapy To Enhance The Relaxing Effects

11) Sit With A Partner or Pet & Cuddle, Using Positive Songs to Connect Further (Effect: Increases Endorphins & Naturally Triggers The Emotional Centers In the Brain)

12) Play Nature Sounds When Nervous Or Angry For A Faster Calm

13) Breathe With The Wave Based Recordings (Your Breath Will be Deepened With The Sound Of The Binaural Waves)

14) Sit By A Window In A Comfortable Seat, Enjoy The Scenery While Listening

15) Stroll Through A Botanical Garden Or Park

16) During A Light Rain, Put On A Raincoat & Listen To A Relaxing Song While Walking Outside

17) Place Your Feet In A Water Bath While Using Positive Songs To Relax

18) Begin Using Positive Songs To Pass The Time It Takes To Dry Your Homemade Facial, Hair, Or Beauty Treatment

19) Take A Walk With Your Headphones, The Time Will Pass Easily

20) Start Using Positive Songs As Background Music For An Evening With Friends Who Appreciate Good Conversation (Great Experience)

21) Set the Scene For A Romantic Dinner With A Partner Or A Relaxing Dinner Alone

When using positive songs we find less need for excitement elsewhere.

We naturally feel very good about some very common and easy to implement daily activities, making life more enjoyable overall. I hope this list is put to good use and helps change your life.

Author's Bio: 

Using positive songs, Tina Janelle spreads the idea that music heals; She spends time carefully researching and choosing positive song lyrics and emotion charged instrumentals that can help others to a great degree.