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The structure forms basic part in most of the business we run. Be it Factory, commercial complexes, Residential Buildings or any other thing. It was once felt that structure once constructed becomes a permanent feature and do not need any maintenance or inspection. This is not true.

The structure, like any other machine or human body, needs periodic checking, upkeep, and regular maintenance. The structure continues to remain in the good state if this maintenance is done. We see this happening in case of historic structures. The Taj Mahal continues to be in the good state for more than 350 years, whereas many other forts stand in ruins.

During the life of the structure, there are many occasions when it requires modifications to accommodate new machinery, change of user etc. One such example is the project of broadening of railway track from meter gauge to broad gauge. The ground can support the heavier load of broad gauge bogies & engines but bridges cannot. This calls for the assessment of existing condition and modifying it to suit the new condition.

We always read in newspapers that buildings collapse. Then there is a hue and cry about Government not taking enough measures to prevent such calamities.

History of building collapses shows that the collapses take place not only in old dilapidated buildings but it happens to new buildings as well. Such incidences force Government to enforce regulations which call for periodic checking of conditions of the structure. Many a time there are natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis etc. this leads to either collapse of structure or structure remains in a partially damaged state.

When it remains in the partially damaged state, the question is raised, whether it is strong enough to carry out its function for which it was construction?

All these above-mentioned factors lead to the checking of the condition of the structure, which is known as “Structural Assessment”.

Broadly it can be said that structural assessment is required in following cases:-

a) Statutory Compliances

To comply with Regulations laid down by Government authorities, in order to avoid collapse and loss of life and damage to properties.

b) Change of user and/or change of loading

To modify the load carrying capacity of the structure, to cater for heavy/modified loads, due to modernization or enhancement of existing facilities.

c) Natural or other calamities

To check the condition of the structure after it gets damaged due to natural calamities like the earthquake or other calamities like Fires etc.


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