Night driving brings lots of challenges for a driver. It is a difficult time to drive due to reduced visibility and the other reckless drivers under the influence of alcohol or fatigue. All this increases the possibility of accidents taking place. 

One good way to eliminate this fear is by enrolling one's daughter/son to a driving school before handing them the car keys. As per the rule, every driver needs to record 120 hours of driving in their logbook. And in those 120 hours, a minimum of 20 hours of driving need to be done at night-time.

Furthermore, with this rigorous real-time training, these driving schools also inculcate all the golden rules to safe and responsible driving in the dark. Here's a glimpse of those night driving rules. Follow closely!

  • Never Overspeed:

A quality driving school offering proper driving lessons will always recommend students not to overspeed when driving at night time. In comparison to the daytime, night has less visibility, and thus it is safer to drive at a slower speed.

Furthermore, driving too quickly presents lesser time to react to potholes, animals or even pedestrians. Driving at a reduced pace allows one those extra minutes to respond to any problem coming their way.

  • More Use Of Internal and External Mirrors:

Another crucial rule to driving at night is using the mirrors properly. One can use the rear-view mirrors to check what is happening behind, and with external mirrors; they can see if there is a vehicle too close at the back.

Such mirrors are known to present compressed views of the situation, thus allowing one to easily adjust as per the existing road condition.

  • Keep A Watch On Everything:

When driving at night; one of the most important rules that driving schools in Newcastle teach is keeping the eyes on the road at all times. This allows drivers to handle vehicle spacing problems at night-time and prevents the eye from any fatigue or drowsiness.

Whenever one gets the opportunity, glance outside the window, scan the number of vehicles and activities. Don't just concentrate on a few things- rather keep the eyes busy by searching for any potential hazards. It will allow one to be one-step-ahead and help avoid any dangers, not only to oneself but to other people on the street.

What Else?

Other than these above-mentioned rules, here are more rules to driving safely at night.

  • Always check if all the lights are working properly. This includes the front, rear, high beam and brake lights.
  • Sort out a clear map of the route one is heading to at night
  • Fatigue is a prime cause of accidents. If one is feeling a little maxed out, slow down the vehicle at the left side and take a few minutes to relax.
  • Set the light at a low beaming setting, particularly if the car/vehicle in front is inside 200 metres.

Final Words:

The most crucial rule of all when driving is never to get distracted. This means avoiding to take calls when driving (or at least pulling over to the side and answering it). With that; one should never drive when intoxicated (or stoned for that matter). It makes it very risky especially at night time on busy freeways.

Don't think too much. Enrolling one's teen for quality driving lessons in Newcastle will prove very beneficial for them. There are no shortages of options, so start sorting out a trustworthy school today!

Author's Bio: 

The author is an instructor providing driving lessons in Newcastle. The author is also a writer having heaps of knowledge about top-rated driving schools in Newcastle.