Can you remember the time you fell down and got your knees wounded when you were still a toddler? You probably cried out loud, bought a band aid, ate a cone of ice cream and then, went on playing with other kids. Dealing with breakup follows a somewhat similar process. Well, it can be dispiriting, puzzling and distressing as the pain of separation pulls you down. But knowing your capabilities during this tough phase might help you avoid being the most emotional person on earth.

You can empathize with your heart.

Pain is your inseparable companion after the split up. Even if you hide yourself under the covers or run miles away, you always carry it within you. If you had faith in a relationship that didn’t work, it would really hurt because you invested in it emotionally, physically and financially. If it was just another one-night-stand affair, it wouldn’t bother you a bit. So to be over with it as soon as possible, use the key of acceptance.

You can keep your dignity.

When you are dismayed with the things happening in your life, you tend to look down on yourself. You lose your confidence and self-worth. Try to prevent this scenario. Just keep in mind that your sad story doesn’t make you less of a person. Your relationship with your ex and your dealing-with-breakup process are just a couple of parts in your book. So keep your self-esteem as you live the other chapters in your life.

You can stop blaming.

If you’ve hurt your ex because of your stupidity and carelessness, learn to forgive yourself. If he or she has hurt you because of his or her nasty words or disloyal acts, learn to forgive others. As the famous quote says, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” Sprinkling divinity around you is much better than holding grudges. It feels lighter and it gives you peace of mind as well.

You can move on.

Look ahead and say goodbye to your terrible memories. History will record what has occurred in your life but your present and your future are still in your hands. To help you move on, look for diversions that will distract you from the painful process. You can watch a series of sci-fi films, enhance your green thumb in the garden or get addicted with Plants and Zombies again. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s fun and healthy.

You can love again.

Whether you reconcile with your partner or find another person, learn to love again. Being skeptical might guard you but it can also hinder you from putting trust into the relationship. Without trust, loving is impossible. Don’t be too cowardly to take necessary risks again. It will require much courage and compassion but since that’s the essence of life, it’s worth trying.

When you’re dealing with breakup, it seems like you’re staring at a jumbled room. But the thing is it never stays that way forever. As long as you choose to, you can vacuum the dust, put things in order and spray some freshener. Fresh as it was before, it can gladly welcome visitors again.

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