The stubby holder is a more popular device in Australia, though visitors from different elements of the world could not be certain exactly what the term suggests. Which is unfortunate, because these are a really useful little device that prevents the fingers from freezing once they are holding a chilly drink, mainly beer. They even prevent the liquid from warming up, keeping your beverage just as it had been forever meant to be, ice cold. They may be generally known in other countries simply as beer holders, however the principle is the same. Stubby holders come in one or two different designs, both made of neoprene, therefore that you may either place the drinks bottle inside the stubby, or use it as a wrap-around holder.

The reason why stubby holders are very popular with Australians is not simply down to their ability to cool drinks. Many corporations also give away free stubbies with a logo or business details on, and stubby holders have been popularized by their connection with huge names such as Coke (among others). Even comparatively small business could get ahead by using their brand's pictures, slogans or brand on a stubby holder and this has prompted the utilization of stubbies in nearly every walk of life.

Because of their familiarity with the general public, stubby holders can be seen at each major event, as well as several sports events, such as the Rugby World Cup held in Australia in 2003. This connection with important occasions has allowed the stubby to become part of the family, thus they are also often invited to weddings and family parties. These are so adaptable that they are used for nearly every time, even to hold soft drinks for children. They can even be bought in color combinations, making them perfect for any specific celebration.

Another reason that stubby holders are so popular is that they can be stamped with anything. If a few wants to use them at their wedding, for example, they could decide to have a picture of themselves on the outside of the stubbies. Firms may even make excellent use of this free advertising space, as noted above, and because the majority of stubbies can be printed on simply, they could be given away for free at trade fairs and student festivals. Companies can bulk-buy such holders so as to take benefit of reductions, permitting them to stay costs down and ensure that their give aways do not eat too far into the marketing funds.

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