Have you ever felt stuck in your life? Stuck in the busy, hurried lifestyle of fast food, fast cars, and instant coffees? Many people do have a tendency to get caught up in the circumstances that create a busy life. Running to the have to rather than the get to and when the have to seem to get finished for the day, the get to don’t get to. Exhausted and weary, another day is yet to begin. This lifestyle seems stressful, like you are getting stuck in overdrive. The circumstances in life you believe you don’t have control over is called stress. You may believe that most things in life have control over you and that you have little control over things, such as health, choices others make that may harm you, and/or finances. Such stress may be a cause of poor sleep, poor eating patterns, and some health issues.
However, you do have control over some things:
1) Change your negative thought patterns. Thought patterns such as “I can’t do this” or “Life is horrible” are thoughts that are debilitating. You may feel stuck or debilitated just by the way you think because it creates feelings of vulnerability and sadness. Instead, think things like “I will do this”, or “Even through the circumstances I am facing, I am strong and confident.” Before you know, you will have moved yourself through the circumstances that had led you to feel stuck.
2) Remove the words Should or Must. If you find yourself using the words should or must, you may automatically be guilty of not doing and putting yourself in the position of further stress. Use words such as will or won’t. These words will train your mind to stay focused on priorities, encourage compassion, and reduce stress.
3) Acceptance is a major change. Accept that life is just busy or difficult and you may be where you are for a reason. You have the power to change the overdrive pattern. You are not stuck. Make a list of your priorities and then make decisions about what really matters today. Include making time daily to get the “get to” done.

Making even just a few changes in your life can empower your ability to face life’s challenges with a little less pressure and an ability to feel more in control of you in your life. Imagine yourself feeling free and create an opportunity each day to be free from feeling stuck in overdrive.

Author's Bio: 

Becky Yancey is a licensed clinical social worker and a clinically certified forensic counselor. She has worked in the mental health field since 1993. She has worked extensively with children, teens, families, couples, individuals, parents, and employee assistance programs. She has trained mental health professionals in clinical settings as well as consulted businesses within the mental health field. Becky has also developed statewide curriculums for juveniles. She has authored and presented several mental health topics throughout the regional Northwest. Becky has also authored and published a children’s book and numerous self help articles, and is the founder of a website to encourage and inspire others; www.mytextspirationals.com.