Anything is possible.

I know, I know, I need to stop using lame opening sentences in the beginning of these articles. But seriously, anything is possible!

The Law of Vibrations and Attractions says that whatever you constantly think about will turn into a reality. Because your thoughts send out powerful vibrations and attract to you what is needed for that thought to come true. (For more info on the Law of Vibrations and Attractions and the other Laws of Nature that prove that anything is possible, please do check out

So, basically everything you need and want to achieve your goals should be already available for all of us, right? So why is it that not many people can truly put their hand to their Heart and say that they are happy or that they are doing what they truly love to do?

Firstly, not many people actually know what it is that they truly want to do, nor do they know how exactly to listen to their Hearts. And there are even those that don’t even know they have a Heart and tend to confuse their Spiritual Heart with their Emotions.

Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of people who actually follow their Hearts naturally. But sadly, the majority of people are just following the system.

Eat. Sleep. Go to school/work. Go online and kill time. Eat again. Go back to sleep. You wouldn’t believe how many people actually get stuck in this boring cycle. But only when they realize that they are stuck there, can they get out of the cycle. (For more info on what a cycle is, check out the Law of Energy Returns Back to Source -

Eventually, their Hearts will call out to them. Their Hearts will tell them to wake up and go do the stuff that they came here to do. But even then, not many people actually listen to their Hearts when it’s screaming in their ears. They’d probably just wonder why there seems to be a really cool but crazy idea in their head and go back to sleep or something.

If their Hearts are really persistent, they might one day wake up to find that they are in a situation where they’d have to follow their Hearts or they might get slapped in the face by Nature. But by then, they have a problem. They already got so involved in the system, they wouldn’t know how to get out.

Change slowly, that’s all they need to do. Maybe they can just start with using a couple of minutes of their time online to Google something about what their Heart wants. Increase the time you spend on focusing on what your Heart wants, slowly. There’s no need to rush, as long as you can say that you are taking slow steps towards what your Hearts wants, every day. Sudden changes aren’t going to help much here, they’d only cause more damage.

If you get frustrated that you don’t seem to be making any progress at all, then all you need to do is do something simple but effective that you know will get you nearer to your goal. And very slowly increase the time and effort you spend on it.

If you change too fast, your mind will frustrate you and you will eventually go back to your old habits because your mind will convince you that it would be easier. But if you change slowly, you’ll start loving each and every small change that brings you closer to what your Heart wants.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your first step to doing what your Heart wants and break the cycle of the system that you’re stuck in.

- Harsha

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