Also known as lifting weights, muscle building, toning and sculpting. All are a terrific addition to your exercise regiment and do not need to cost an arm or a leg nor encompass massive amounts of time in your weekly schedule. Training your body to be strong, defined and sexy is probably less intimidating than you think and with only a couple of twenty minute sessions/week you can begin to reap the benefits in no time at all.

What if I told you there were a surefire way to burn more calories throughout your entire day? What if I told you there was also a guaranteed way to burn more calories while you were just hanging around and relaxing? Would you think it sounded too good to be true? It’s not. What is this magical event you may be wondering? Strength training! No gimmicks, no potions, no pills, just you and possibly a personal trainer and some sort of strength apparatus to challenge your being. That’s right, you can incorporate weights, machines, household objects, even your own body weight and there are lots of videos out there to help you learn the trade of becoming stronger.

Reasons to strength train:
~Muscle burns more calories at rest and play.
~Muscle takes up less space than fat.
~Muscle reduces your body fat percentage.
~Muscle supplies you with more energy and lifts your spirits.
~Muscle provides you with an overall sculpted appearance.
~Muscle strength wards off osteoporosis.

Misconceptions of strength training:
~Strength training makes you bigger – WRONG!
~Strength training makes you gain weight – WRONG!
~Strength training will make you look like a body builder – WRONG!
~Strength training is only for men – WRONG!
~Strength training makes you look like a man – WRONG!
~Strength training makes you bulky – WRONG!

Strength training is an incredibly beneficial element to add to any exercise program. Most gyms provide training on weight machines free of charge and there are usually lots of great weight classes to help you become accustomed. You’ll love the results; why not give it a shot!

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