Who says that student’s life is awesome? Those days are gone when student’s life meant hours of playing, few hours of studying and maximum amount of sleeping. The times have changed a lot. Today, everything has reversed. Today, the life of students means hours of project preparation, hours of homework completions and few hours of sleeping. There is no time left for students to even indulge into playing.

The condition worsens when the students come to 10th and 12th. The conditions were not so pleasant during the times of your parents as well, but currently the student life of 10th and 12th grade is horrible. If you have a student of 10th or 12th in your house you would realize that for days you don’t get to sit with the student and spend some quality time with him as he is constantly studying or doing some assignments.

This was the situation in the house of 10th and 12th grade students of the academic year 2011-2012. But now it is the time to receive their fruit for their hard work. The Up board result 2012 have announced the dates of results for the students of 12th and 10th. The UP board results, 2012 after securing many high ranks and accolades from various streams is now eagerly expecting the same results from the 12th and 10th grade results as well. The UP board results, 2012 have been in the news of Uttar Pradesh for a long time for various streams results.

Now it is the time publishing of the successful UP board 12th result and Up board 10th result The Up board 10th result and 12th plays a very significant role in molding the career life of these students. In fact, this is the turning point of every student’s life. The students of 10th and 12th have been eagerly waiting for the result dates to be declared. And since they are declared, they are unable to concentrate on anything because of their result anxiety attacks.
With the announcement of UP board 12th result on 5th June and Up board 10th result on 8th June, government has also announced about the website from which the students can check their result. The website which has been announced is, www.upresults.nic.in It is necessary for the parents and teachers to counsel their students very effectively before the announcement of the results and support the students after the announcement in order to protect them from undertaking any mishaps.

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