Whether you are strictly focused on advancing your career or want to study in a top university at Copenhagen, learning Danish language will undoubtedly give the career of an aspirant an extra edge. If someone is planning to relocate to Denmark, a fluency in speaking Danish is quintessential.

Today countless career aspirants and job seekers are looking to settle in Denmark because of its relaxing and informal work culture. It is one of the happiest destinations to work and study. It has also emerged as one of the popular tourist destinations and if someone is planning a getaway there, good communication skills in Danish is mandatory.

A short certificate Danish language course in Kolkata would be ideal to know the basics of conversing in the language and by framing the sentences correctly with grammatical accuracy and appropriate usage of words and expressions. It will also bolster the CV of any candidate as knowledge of second language is always good for the career. Employers appreciate those who are bilingual and are adept in another language apart from English.

Excellent career choices after the course

Candidates undertaking Danish language classes will have brighter future in terms of career when they shift to Denmark. They can get employment in diverse industries including education, tourism, aviation, hospitality etc.

Communication is a vital resource and asset for any organization and with proficiency in Danish, career aspirants can choose to work as a teacher or trainer in leading Danish private schools and educational institutes. They will teach children in English and Danish language and impart lessons on grammar and vocabulary.

In the tourism sector, there is no dearth of jobs for candidates proficient in Danish. They can work as tourist guide and plan itineraries for tours and accompany tourists in sightseeing trips.

The aviation sector is lucrative too and here basic communication skills in Danish would land people jobs as a flight attendant, ground staff, cabin crew, and air hostess. These jobs are prestigious with high annual remuneration packages and offer the opportunity to travel to various countries worldwide.

Other jobs that come with knowing Danish well are editorial, journalism, and translation jobs. These jobs require excellent written skills and competencies in Danish language. A Danish language course in Kolkata will help candidates in honing their written skills with introduction to vocabulary and grammar rules. The job of a translator is particularly a challenging one and has emerged as a popular profession among students and career aspirants.

Other lucrative job options include liaison officer jobs and foreign diplomat roles. Liaison officer jobs require excellent oral and written communication skills for greeting the visitors and explain them the amenities of the hotel or resort in which they are staying at.

Foreign diplomats and officials have important role to play in international relations. They open dialogues, negotiate deals and formulate policies regarding trade, security, health, education, terrorism etc having proficiency is Danish is one of the best ways to step into the world of foreign diplomacy.

How to get started?

There are many institutes in Kolkata that offer Danish language course in Kolkata. IITT language academy is one of the leading ISO certified academy which trains candidates in an assortment of foreign languages like Dutch, Danish, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Romanian, Hungarian and much more.

Candidates enrolling in the Danish language classes can hone their skills in the core areas of the language and head towards attractive job opportunities and career options. They’ll get tips, suggestions and lectures by experienced faculties and mentors. They’ll also benefit from updated curriculum and quality study materials. There are both theoretical and practical classes which go beyond classroom learning. The course can also be taken online or distance mode as per the convenience of the students.

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Laxmon Gope is a digital blogger of education articles. Besides writing this informative article on Danish language course in Kolkata, he has contributed to other publications online. Prior to this, he was a foreign language trainer at a reputed training institute.