Do you know that Studying abroad in New Zealand can be a launch pad to career success?

Exciting!!! Isn’t it?
Well, let’s see how.

NZ for career success

The New Zealand education will give you the credentials and expertise to excel anywhere in the world in your chosen career.

The high-quality education at New Zealand will enable you to fulfil your career ambitions.

Qualifications valued world wide

New Zealand qualifications are valued and rewarded by international employees, as the New Zealand education system is regulated by the government and has strong quality assurance systems in place.

Education in New Zealand gives you

• Strong Academic Qualifications,
• Practical Skills
• Ability to think Critically and Creatively

So, graduates from New Zealand are welcome by employers around the world.

From the moment you graduate, you would be ready to make a mark in the international job market.

Global recognition

New Zealand is a member of the Lisbon Recognition Convention, which means that the certificates, diplomas and degrees of New Zealand are recognised in 50 participating countries.

The participating countries include

• The United States
• The United Kingdom
• Australia
• France
• Germany
• Italy

The Bachelor degrees are also widely recognised by employers in the international job market.

International Ranking

It’s a well-known fact that New Zealand’s higher education system is internationally ranked. There are 8 universities in New Zealand and all the eight universities were ranked in the 2018 QS World University Rankings by subject.

• New Zealand, the only country in the world to have all the universities in the global top 500
• Placed in the top 50 institutions for 32 subjects
• In the top 100 in at least one subject
• In the world’s top 50 universities in 21 subjects
• In the world’s top 100 in 68 subjects.

Keeping these rankings in mind it’s quite obvious that the education in New Zealand is on par with the global standards.

Employability Skills

The teaching style and practical, hands-on way of learning in New Zealand will help you gain employability skills by the time you graduate. It gives you the scope to develop traits valued by employers across a wide range of jobs and careers.

Work experience while studying in New Zealand

If we talk about the work opportunities in New Zealand, you’ll be happy to know that you have great prospects while studying as well as post studies.

The experience gained as a student is the foundation to your future career prospects. Professionalism, employability skills, self-reliance, time management, team gelling capacity and diligence are certain essential skills that you develop which add on to your credentials.

Work Hours as a Student

As an International student you will be allowed to work nearly 20 hours per week while you Study in New Zealand. You need to check your visa status and if you have the eligibility to work while you study, make sure to make the full use of this right and gain work experience. This part time work gives you financial self-reliance to a certain extent apart from the basic job skills that you develop.

Volunteer Experience

You don’t have to restrain your job hunting to paid jobs. Apart from the paid jobs you can also take up some volunteer work as volunteer experience is also a great way to gain new experience. This is also a great addition to your CV.

Briefly speaking, studying in New Zealand gives you the scope to develop a strong base for career prospects across the globe. You neither have to bother about getting a job in New Zealand itself or about returning to your mother land after studies. You can explore the world for the best job opportunities as soon as you graduate.

So if you plan to Study Abroad you become a global citizen in terms of culture, friends, contacts as well as job prospects.

Set yourself up for a successful future by studying in New Zealand and widening up the horizons for personal as well as professional growth.

Author's Bio: 

Manjiri is an overseas education consultant, having five years of experience in overseas education. She is interested in writing articles on careers and education abroad and she also guides students for studying abroad.