China is the most preferred country for Indian students for pursuing the MBBS degree. This is due to affordable tuition fees and the ease with which medical students get admission. However, it appears that many Indian students who go to China don’t provide themselves with ample information regarding MBBS courses, fee structure, eligibility, and so on. This is because of the fact that sometimes they are misguided by overseas consultants who may not have a very good understanding and entire information.

If you are Indian students and preparing to study MBBS in China then you need to furnish yourself with full information that is relevant to MBBS in China.

The following is some things that you need to be aware of before going to study in China.

MBBS in China eligibility
The Ministry of Education in China releases a list of medical universities allowed to admit foreign students for purposes of taking clinical medical programs skills. A medical student is required to complete their MBBS course in 6 years including the internship program. The Ministry of Education in China confirms that any medical university that is not included in this list is also not eligible to enroll foreign students.
The Medical Council of India (MCI) only provides certificates to those students that have completed their MBBS courses in medical universities which have been approved by the Ministry of education. Only these medical students are permissible to sit for the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) which is authorized by the Medical Council of India. A student who is approved by the MCI can do their internship in China or back in India.

Information provided by consultants regarding study MBBS in China
Some Indian students travel to China without enough financial resources and money. However, it should be considered that working in China to pay tuition fees & cost of living is currently not possible. Thus, if you are a student with low financial support then you should do the following things.
(1) If you have a certain medical university or institution in mind then you should probably cross-check the official website in comparing what an agent tells you.
(2) Make a list of information provided by the agent and have them sign it. This will make sure that they stand by their word and you are not going on the wrong way.

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