Prospective massage therapists and massage therapy graduate students often struggle to pass the national MBLEX certification exam. The MBLEX is a certification test and exam that all aspiring massage therapists must pass before receiving a license. Most of the 50 states are now accepting MBLEX to obtain a license. This is the most popular test and also the most difficult to pass.

MBLEx study guide

Any massage therapy graduate student who graduates from massage therapy school must still pass their national certification exam to earn their massage therapy license. It might seem easy, but you wouldn't believe how many students fail this exam. Failure to pass your exam for the first time creates unnecessary expense, frustration and anxiety, and unnecessary extension of the delay in obtaining your massage license and practicing massage therapy. Follow this MBLEx study guide to get started:

Create a complete study plan

A good study plan should be realistic and written and this is one of the most important MBLEx study guides. The duration of the study should be based on the results of your previous reflection on your current state of readiness.

Here are some tips to help make your curriculum more effective:

• Keep it realistic. If you think it will take you 1 month to prepare properly but your schedule is full, give yourself 2 months.

• Write down your plan and review it regularly. You are much more likely to stick to a written study plan.

• Plan your learning units and stick to your schedule. The first thing that happens in the morning is often the easiest time of the day to check your schedule. By the end of the day, you'll be tired and have likely been pulled in a dozen different directions, which can make it difficult to focus on studying.

• Place your learning units. The time between your study sessions is important. When this happens, your brain will continue to process and catalog any new information you put into your head.

• Plan your study times at regular intervals. Hold individual sessions for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your ability to stay focused and the time available.

When creating your curriculum, write down a specific goal for completing the MBLEx. It will help you stay focused and inspired. Having a clear goal and staying focused is a powerful strategy that will help you in many areas of your life.

Eliminate distractions

The MBLEx is a computer-based exam with 100 multiple-choice questions. You cannot ignore the questions and check again later. It is therefore important to stay focused for the entire two-hour period.

The trial software includes a timer that counts down to show how much time you have left. However, according to the FSMTB, you can turn this timer on and off so as not to interrupt your concentration.

Avoid cramming the night before the exam

Sticking to an important test usually leaves you feeling overwhelmed and doubting your preparation. Better to review your notes than trying to flip through a textbook on the morning of the test.

In the days leading up to your exam, prepare a few pages of study notes for you to review in the hours leading up to taking the MBLEx. If you can't resist the urge to spend a sleepless night studying for the exam, do so a week before the test. Not the day before the exam!

Have a positive mindset

Do whatever you have to reduce your anxiety. Remember, you don't have to pass the MBLEx, just take it. Careful and disciplined preparation contributes significantly to building trust. But mental preparation is also crucial for success. Just like the athletes who prepare physically and mentally for the competition.

One strategy to use on a massage exam, regardless of how well prepared you are, is to look at all of your massage-related performances in your head. For a few minutes, focus on:

• Any tests you took in school

• Your previous practical massage experience

• Any hands-on tests and tests you passed;

• Classes you attended and paid attention to
All of the articles, books, and notes you've read.

Meditating on it will allow you to enter the testing room with confidence instead of doubting yourself. Be mentally prepared for sub-optimal testing conditions. The test room can be cold or hot. Or someone is sitting next to you who is restless or smells. Meditation can help you stay focused despite distractions. Accept that you cannot control the test environment, but you can control what to focus on.

Increase your focus

Being able to concentrate during the exam is the most important thing. All of the MBLEx study guide listed so far have been to get you and your brain in the best possible position so you can focus on the massage exam. Improved focus is one of the benefits of taking as many mock exams as possible. This will train your brain to focus on this information for about 2 hours.

In order not to be distracted, choose exactly what to focus on before the test. Avoid logging in and spending time on social media. Ideally, just avoid monitors and screens. Instead, focus on your last-minute review notes.

If you're easily distracted while testing, practice some comprehensive practice tests in a public place like a coffee shop in the weeks leading up to your exam.

Read each question carefully

Misreading the question is the number one cause of test failure (aside from simply not knowing the answer). This leads to the student misinterpreting the question and choosing the wrong answer. Read each question carefully and completely, even if you think you know where the question is going.

Then read it again when in doubt about what the question is asking. Most MBLEx questions are fairly short, so reading them twice doesn't take long. As you read a question, ask yourself, "What does this question test my knowledge about?" Then read each possible answer. Remember, you are looking for the right and correct answer.

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