Studying in the USA is the dream of most students from all over the world, which is why it is the most preferred destination for studies globally. Another factor that draws students to this country is that courses in the most esoteric of disciplines are offered by American universities. In fact, it is said that any course that is not offered in the US is unlikely to be offered anywhere on the planet.

Other advantages of studying in this country include the opportunity to mix with students from very diverse cultures, a very progressive culture which is open to new ideas, world-class universities, great infrastructure in campuses — libraries, regular seminars, sporting activities, going out on study tours and other extracurricular activities. In addition to all of this, the land of opportunities allows you to work part-time when the semester is ongoing and full-time during vacations, which will allow students to pay for their own expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, etc.

Of course, having a degree from a US university adds a lot of value to any students’ bio-data. The student-teacher interaction is also very different in the United States. They, at times, behave with each other like family members. Even students pursuing conventional courses get a chance to enroll in offbeat courses to understand or appreciate the facets of life that they would never have got a chance to explore ever.

Students at universities in the US can opt for different minor and majors at the same time. They are given an option to select when they would like to attend classes. The best part is that the universities there very liberal opportunities for scholarships.

The US universities have always been very generous in giving scholarships to exceptionally bright students. With a wide range of institutions to choose from in the US, there truly is a university for every student of any background that fits their budget.

Besides merit-based scholarships, which are given to students who have maintained academic excellence throughout their educational careers, need based scholarships are granted to students based on the financial background of the candidates.

Research is considered to be of vital importance in American universities. How well one learns a subject theoretically isn’t sufficient. It is the art of applying what is learned in real life.

But one should know the USA Study Visa Requirements before they head there. All foreign students are advised to prepare at least a year and a half before they plan to leave for that country. This begins with the process of applying to a college or university after narrowing down their preferences depending on the courses and other considerations.

They also need to take the GRE/GMAT tests along with the English tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. Once they get their scores in these tests, they should apply for educational institutions along with their latest grades either at the undergraduate or graduate level.

An F1 visa, the most common visa, is issued to foreign students wanting to attend an academic program at a US college or university.

To be eligible for USA Student Visa, students must have obtained their I-20 form that is provided by the US College or University that the student has been accepted and will enroll in it. They have to then apply for a visa application by paying a non-refundable application fee, they also need to complete and submit DS-160 and DS-157 (applicable for male students aged between 16 and 45). They should have on them a passport with a validity date extending a minimum of six months of their intended stay period of stay. Other items include passport sized photographs, original documents of educational qualifications till date, proof that they intend to go to the US only for the purpose of studying, proof of having enough money to subsist and to pay for their tuition fees for their entire stay in the US.

Following that students have to a USA Student Visa Interview at the American Embassy or Consulates in their home country.
Since this a lengthy and a tedious process and most applicants might miss out on providing certain details, it is definitely advisable to seek the help of reliable and expert Migrant Agent.

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