Studying abroad at decent universities with courses to match your profile is a great choice. It lets you learn from premier institutes, provides international exposure, gives an opportunity to make global connections. However, aspiring students who wish to go for higher education Overseas need to have an in-depth look at various study destinations.

In our previous article we explored two country options namely; the Netherlands and Sweden and talked on their various highlights for those aspiring for Studies Abroad. This article seeks to bring to light the different advantages provided to international students in the USA and in the UK. Knowing beforehand the benefits of each country in terms of all factors pertaining to higher education is bound to help students make the right choice as far as the country destination is concerned.

Country Overview
Consisting of 50 states and self-governing territories, the USA has one of the world’s most diverse geography, and climate and includes 9 distinct time zones. The USA is unarguably the most popular destination in the world for international students with a huge choice of Universities offering popular programs.
The UK comprises of the island of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and as its part has the following four countries; England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It has been dubbed as a cultural superpower. The United Kingdom also plays a dominant role in science and technology and has produced some highly intelligent minds which have ensured a breakthrough.

Higher Education System
UK education is reputed internationally for its high quality and standards. Qualifications obtained from UK institutions are globally recognized. The UK also offers a high degree of academic freedom.
US education is an amalgam of practical training and course work. It is also quite flexible and has received worldwide popularity. Students from all over the world eagerly await a chance to experience US education and the US campus life. Additionally, US schools have a huge diversity of international students and this is a factor that many international students take positively as it provides a chance at global networking and building cross-cultural ties.

The US has a lot of research, teaching, and graduate assistantships in addition to full or partial tuition waivers as well as options of paid internships for International students.
There are hundreds of Bursaries and Scholarships for International Students in UK and depending on nationality, options for loans or financial support can also be obtained from the UK government.

Course Duration
A highlight of studying in the UK is that the Bachelors and Masters programs are of shorter duration than most other countries. Bachelor’s degrees are completed in 3 years and Masters degrees take 1 year for completion. There is also the option of 2-year Masters with placements. US Bachelor degrees generally take 4 years while the Master’s degree comprises of 2 years.
The highlight of a shorter degree is that it results in significant cost savings for the student.

Both the US and the UK feature top-ranked global universities. While 4 of UK’s Universities are placed in the top 10 according to QS World Universities Ranking 2019, the US dominates in this regard with 5 of its universities in the top 10 list. Of the top 200 universities in the QS world rankings, 48 are in the US and 29 are institutions in the UK.

The US provides an attractive option for Optional Practical Training for students. After completing their courses, after getting approval, the students are eligible for a 12-month training period in which they can seek employment in their relevant fields. For STEM courses the OPT duration can be extended further by 24 months. This OPT opportunity prompts a lot of students to opt for a Study in United States.

Visa Process
The F-1 student visa is required for International students who wish to study in the US while the Tier-4 visa is needed if the International student wishes to study abroad in the UK. Visa requirements are more or less the same and an interview stage needs to be cleared.
The student must make the right decision that best suits his profile and future career aspirations. To choose from among hundreds of higher education institutions offering thousands of programs, the student may approach trusted study-abroad consultants to take care of all the needs pertaining to the student’s overseas journey.

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Discussing the advantages offered by the US and the UK, including features such as Visa process, Optional Practical Training etc. for your Higher Education Abroad.