It is no wonder that the United States of America continues to be the most sought-after education destination for students worldwide. What makes the US such an educational hotspot for emigrating students is what we will list down today.

1. The American Life (diversity, high standard of living, global hub)
Dreaming to live the American life is something that almost every person has engaged in, sometime or the other. The highest standard of living there is, the richest amalgamation of global cultures, the boundless opportunities to excel, are all contained in this country of stars and stripes.

2. Topmost Universities Worldwide
America hosts many of the world’s topmost universities, and the programs offered by them span almost all domains, from art to robotics. The faculty happens to be the creamiest of them all, and the certifications offered are not only recognized but also held in high regard globally.
The course credit system includes internships, assisting teachers, academic performance and practical work experience. Learn more about List of Universities in the USA for International Students.

3. High funding leading to better infrastructure and research freedom
Funding is simply not a problem if one gets into a reputed university at the US. Cutting edge technology and top-of-the-shelf infrastructure provides a huge boost and seemingly endless freedom for research.

4. Lots of opportunities to work part-time (income in dollars)
The cost of living can be met by taking up part-time jobs by the student. Teacher-assistantships are abundant for those inclined to do so. Jobs span an immense landscape from Hospitality to Tech Support. Salaries can be availed on an hourly basis and can be quite significant in value. Students can save up a significant amount of money apart from that spent on their living.

5. Scholarships and Tuition waivers offered
Tuition waivers and Scholarships for International Students in USA are available and depend on the student profile. Criteria for each university and program are different to shortlist candidates who can avail the offered scholarships. Waivers can be availed up to 100% depending upon student’s profile and merit.

6. Support by US universities transitions
The universities at the US have a reputation for providing immense support to its international students. To ease the transition, student guides are also allotted by many universities. Student counselors provide total support to address any problems faced.

Studying in the United States is the aspiration of millions and for good reason. Getting into a good university will definitely earn the student a uniquely memorable and enriching experience. The only challenge remaining is to get in.

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