The word psychology derived from the Greek word ‘psyche’, its meanings is ‘soul’ or‘mind’. Andlogos mean “word”. Psychology is a field that studies the human mind and behavior as well.The first experimental psychology lab established by Wilhelm Wundt in Germany, in 1879.It seeks to understand and explain thought, emotion and behavior.There are two major areas in psychology: academic psychology and applied psychology. In academic psychology we study about different sub-topics within psychology like personality psychology, social psychology and developmental psychology. These topics are conducting basic research which expands our theoretical knowledge.In applied psychology we learn about use of different psychological principles to solve real world problemthrough this psychology we solve everyday problems.Following are the some major areas of research within psychology.Abnormal: in this psychology we study about abnormal behavior.Clinical: in this psychology we study about how to diagnose the problem and its treatment.Biological:it is the studies of how biological processes influence the mind and behavior. It’s linked with neuroscience.

Cognition:this field refers to the process of knowing and encompasses nearly the entire range of conscious and unconscious mental processes: sensation and perception, conditioning and learning, attention and consciousness, sleep and dreaming, memory and forgetting, reasoning and decision making, imagining, problem solving, and language.Developmental: is the branch of psychology that looks at human growth and development.Social: is the scientific study of how people think, feel, and behave in social situations. Mainly we thought that psychology is just the study about human mind and behavior but the animal behavior is also studied in it but in separate branch of psychology which is called animal cognition.In Psychology study in both manners scientific and non scientific. Basic Practical Applications of psychology. Basic practical applications of psychology are: Health: Psychologistsstudies in this application that how people cope with stress. They found that people who live alone and they don’t have family and friends live unhealthy life and they drink,smoke, drug abuse that are harmful for health. The people who live with their family and friends and they also support them, they live healthier life and live longer.

Education: psychologist contributes in understanding of teaching, learning and education.Educational psychologists seek to understand and improve the teaching and learning process within the classroom and other educational settings. Educational psychologists study topics such as intelligence and ability testing, student motivation, discipline and classroom management, curriculum plans, and grading. Business: in the business psychology placed in market place. Psychologist helps in the process of personal selection and how to train the people. Consumer psychology is the study of behavior of consumer in the marketplace and making decision. Law: today psychologists work in the legal system, they consult in court as expert witnesses, teach in law school. They also work as Forensic psychologists; they helped to illuminate weaknesses in the legal system. Other domains of Application: Psychology has applications in many other domains of human life. Environment psychologist focus on how environment,crowding,noise and population density effects on behavior of the people. Psychological knowledge is applied to the treatment of mental health problems.

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