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Many years ago, in the 1980s, a man told me that one day we would all have our own personal phone with our own personal phone number, just like the communication devices in the TV series Star Trek. I laughed as I thought about the enormous phones people were lugging around at that time. What would we do now without our mobile phones? Mine’s in my pocket and I have my own personal number, just like that man predicted more than 25 years ago. About 10 years ago I was also told about new methods of printing and that the future was in digital photography. I didn’t really understand what digital photography meant and when I was told that it would soon be possible to upload digital images to a web site and to have those digital images transferred to create canvas prints, I thought that was impossible.

Much has changed since the old days of dial-up to the internet and, today, broadband enables me to be my own art dealer. One of my great pleasures is taking photos and I always thought that I had to use a heavy camera. But now, cameras within phones and palm held devices are so good it is possible to take wonderful photographs, upload them to a website such as Albelli and have the photos transferred onto a canvas. It is hard for those people who have not experienced it to imagine the pleasure that canvas photo prints give. To see a photo of your child, beautifully printed to create a photo on canvas has to be seen to be believed.

There is a school of thought that states that photos on canvas are not cool but the people who say that usually never take digital photos. However, those people who know about canvas prints are impressed not solely by the impact caused by the size of a photo on canvas but by the quality of the image, complemented by the texture of the canvas. For centuries painters have been painting portraits on canvas, working their paints into the woven fabric to create not simply a good likeness of their subject, but a work of art that offers much more. Photo canvas prints imbue the canvas with an image that becomes so much more than an enlarged photograph. There is a soul that comes through the texture of the canvas that gives the photo on canvas some of the same qualities that the finest portrait artists capture with their brushes and dyes.

I didn’t believe that we’d all have our own mobile phone and I didn’t believe that canvas prints could create the amazing effect that they do. Photos on canvas when grouped together on a wall can create the most stunning impact and once you have given canvas prints a go, you’ll not want to go back to simply keeping your digital images on your camera, phone or computer.

Albelli is the place to go if you wish to turn your digital images into a personal statement. Your skill as a photographer is too good to simply have your digital photos lying idle within a virtual world when they can be canvas photo prints, or can grace the pages of a personal photo book, or can be part of a photo calendar so that important anniversaries are never forgotten. Alternatively, your digital photos can add style to your photo diary or be proudly displayed on your own greetings cards. Whatever you need, you will find the tools to turn your digital photos into something special at Albelli - it’s time to foster your imagination.

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Create and cherish your golden memories by canvas prints and gift them to loved ones with photo books UK which make them happy.