In a stunning display of nonsense the British Medical Journal has again published bogus garbage from the New Zealand’s University of Auckland, leading to the flawed conclusion (really an opinion) that dietary supplements of calcium could increase cardiovascular events.  What you should know is that this university offers phenomenal course training such as “Dietary Supplements: creating expensive urine?” ,  which is of course Big Pharma propaganda.  What I find pathetic is that the British Medical Journal actually published this trash and then the rather robotic media relays it as fact to the public.  In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason to be concerned about taking high quality calcium supplements for your bone health.

The Facts
The researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 15 selected studies (many of poor quality) and cherry picked them to bolster their biases.  In order to do this they had to ignore hundreds of other studies which have overwhelmingly shown the benefits of calcium supplementation without any risks.  They also had to ignore all studies that included vitamin D.  Vitamin D helps calcium absorb into your bones and most individuals also take vitamin D when consuming calcium.  Very large studies, such as the Women’s Health Initiative, have conclusively proven that calcium and vitamin D bolster bone health and have no cardiovascular risk. 

Calcium is vital to bone health and many other functions in your body.  Cheap calcium carbonate or calcium citrate should not be taken alone.  People who understand bone nutrition would never consume calcium in this way.  It is important to note that the use of antacid medication impairs the absorption of some forms of calcium.  In addition, the use of Coumadin by many elderly patients prevents vitamin K from building bone and poses a serious threat to bone health.

It is vital for individuals to reduce inflammation in bone, manage stress well, improve long-term health problems, and stay active.  When you create the opportunity for your body to be healthy, calcium has a much higher likelihood of building strong bones and reducing your risk for bone loss.  Many nutrients work synergistically with calcium to make this happen — it is common sense.  Realize that there are really bad people out there with strange agendas that will not benefit your health — mostly Big Pharma agendas. They want the population on dangerous drugs like the bone drugs, because it benefits their bottom line. These drugs are a threat to health in many ways, including heart health.

Author's Bio: 

Byron J. Richards is a world-renowned nutrition expert and board-certified clinical nutritionist. He has been educating the public for the last 25 years with his natural health newsletter, books on leptin weight loss and popular health podcast .