It is almost a given that you would be taking the help of a professional photographer – the wedding photographer Singapore- for that special day in your and your family’s life. The latest thing about wedding photography is that there is not just one way of doing it nowadays! There are established art forms which are adapted in wedding photography to give you different styles which every wedding photographer Singapore is capable of delivering.

The different styles of wedding photography are:

Wedding Photojournalism – where the photographers act like journalists, recording the entire event, capturing with their creative eye, moments which are left to the viewer’s interpretation of them. There is no active involvement of the photographer in this sort of photography – he or she doesn’t take the center stage that is observed in most professional photography shoots.

Fine Art Wedding Photography – this involves usage of creative lighting, artistic poses and angles, using advanced photo editing techniques to create images that have an artistic finish. Post production work is quite intense, using masks, filters, etc. to create unforgettable pictures which are works of art.

Fashion Wedding Photography – revolves around the clothing and accessories and is popular in the metros. Many techniques used in fashion photography are adopted for this type of wedding photography. This sort of photography is used mostly in pre wedding photography. Dramatic backgrounds and fashionable poses are the hallmarks of this photography style

Traditional Wedding Photography – is what we are all used to. The wedding photographer is fully invested in the wedding day proceedings and is almost like a guide for them. Many photographers are climbing out of this mold and exploring the other forms of wedding photography.

Whatever the style you choose, there are some photographs you cannot do without!

Every Wedding photographer in Singapore always keeps a mental note of these pictures

- A picture of the wedding day clothes – before they are worn

- The preparations – make-up, dressing,

- Wedding rings and jewelry – before they adorn the couple.

- A playful picture of well clad feet of both the bride and the groom.

- Sentimental traditions – like that of the Christian bride throwing the bouquet backwards, or an Indian bride following the symbolic rituals during the ceremony.

- An artistic shot of the venue, with the bride and groom

- The friends of both the bride and the groom - separately

- The ceremony itself

- The send off

- Shots of the married couple

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