We would all find it extremely difficult in today’s society without one of the most crucial pieces of stationary that is the envelope. For hundreds of years the envelope has proven its worth, time and time again. And it’s not just in offices and businesses that the envelope is much needed. Even though we are at an age where we can send mail via a click of a button through the computer we each still rely on the importance of the envelope for sending invitations for special events such as weddings, birthday cards to loved ones, and even important letters to destinations throughout the world.

Over the years the envelope has evolved from the simply styled plain paper design into a stylish piece of stationary, with many intricate colours, styles, sizes and choice of materials now available. There is no doubt that the envelope is more popular in offices all over the world, and businesses recognise the importance in which first impressions count. There is simply no better of making that initial impression than with a delightfully embellished envelope. Companies have also realised the importance of the envelope in today’s vibrant market place. Utilising a high quality, colourful envelope designed to feature a printed copy of your company’s logo is a great way to introduce your services on a professional basis. As well as the standard type of envelope that we all take for granted on a daily basis for sending everyday mail there are a wonderful array of options openly available to us all. A popular feature is the envelope bag or jiffy bag that also plays a huge part in a company’s development in that they allow protection for brochures and catalogues to be transported in the most appropriate and efficient manner. This is a huge promotional and marketing tool within the business industry.

Some of the more popular examples of envelopes used in offices worldwide happen to be the business orientated window display envelope alongside other items such as the direct mail envelope, and the corporate envelope. These envelopes give a professional appearance making them ideal for business orientated mail. Envelopes also feature a number of unique and appealing options to enable them to seal. The standard types are the gummed seal or lick and stick as it is more commonly known as. Today the more popular type of seal is the self-seal or the peel and seal option. The peel and seal closure is commonly found on the larger padded envelopes and is extremely easy to use and offers the ultimate protection. Padded type envelopes are fantastic for sending fragile and delicate items. The padding assures the contents are free from damage whilst in transit. Combining with the secure fastening on the envelope ensures the goods are safe at all stages of the journey from being lost or opened.

When sending out any invitations, whether it is for a special event or occasion you most definitely want to create something unique and special. Items such as the textured envelope or the visually pleasing opaque envelope are just a selection of many other luxury envelopes which are specifically created to serve this very unique purpose, by adding a delicate finishing touch to your special occasion. One of the most popular envelopes in recent years has been the Rose textured envelope as it is created from the highest quality paper with the addition of creative colours and design which in turn makes a totally stunning envelope for sending. Other popular envelopes created for such special occasions are the creative envelopes designed with features such as shaped flaps and bevelled edges.

The choice is almost endless and whether you wish to send board envelopes or something more personal there is something available for every eventuality.

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