The type of jewellery you choose to wear sends out a message to the world about the way you wish to be perceived. Expensive jewellery acts as a status symbol and chunky larger items are going to mark you out as someone who seeks attention, whether you like it or not. That’s why the use of birds feather in jewellery is taking off in such a big way, since wearing feathers in the UK is unusual enough to mark you out as an individual with their own vision, whilst not making it look like you’re trying too hard.

Finding original jewellery which will match and enhance a wide variety of outfits, and prove suitable for a broad range of events and nights out is often pretty difficult. Similarly, if you’re giving some jewellery as a gift it can often be stressful trying to find something which you can be certain they’ll love, but which is also something a little bit different from the kind of stuff they usually wear. An answer to this problem can now be found by opting for jewellery which is based upon birds’ feathers. Using actual, real feathers means that every single item is going to be 100% natural, since no two feathers are ever exactly the same. They also all come with a guarantee of being light, subtle and unobtrusive, complimenting the rest of the accessories you opt for rather than dominating them, and creating a stunning aesthetic effect without unduly calling attention to themselves.

The range of jewellery which can be made out of feathers in the UK is as broad as the range which can be made out of any other material. Earrings, for example, can be made to seem as if they’re floating in the air just below your ears, and once you’ve got them on you’ll be stunned by the amount of positive attention they receive, with people wanting to touch them, see if they’re really made of feathers and then find out where you got them from.

Another stand out feature of this type of jewellery is that it’s completely natural in both the materials used and the way in which the individual items are put together. This eco friendly make-up of the items will be another way in which you’re sending out a message to the people who see you wearing it. Allied to all of the plus points already outlined is the fact that feathers can be used to manufacture items across the entire range of jewellery possibilities. The fact that they come in all different shapes and sizes means that they can be used singly or with larger numbers joined together to make a bigger, more striking item. If you want a piece of jewellery which really stands out from the crowd and demonstrates that you’ve taken a great deal of time and trouble over your appearance, then opting for one which is built around the strikingly original use of feathers will get the message across loud and clear each and every time. Not only will it attract admiring glances thanks to its style and beauty, but it will also mark you out as an original thinker and not someone who merely follows the crowd. There aren’t many items of jewellery of which this much could be said, and that’s why making the leap and moving away from tired old choices such as gold, silver and platinum is such a positive move to make.

If you want to have accessories which mark you out as a free spirit and innovative thinker, then using birds’ feathers is a quick and eminently affordable shortcut. The range of jewellery fashioned from feathers in the UK is huge, and you’re certain to find something which appeals directly to you.

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The Ostrich Feather Manufacturing Company was created in the City of London in the 1920s and offers a fine range of feather products and imitation feathers. A major exporter of peacock feathers, feather products and fashions, the Ostrich Feather Manufacturing Company has gone from making and selling feather hats to creating a wide mix of feather products from feathers supplied by ostriches, geese, peacocks, chickens, turkeys and coque birds.
Typical feather products include feather hats, feather masks, lined feather shawls, boas and feather handbags.