We, Individuals, are too secretive about our emotions. Somebody will secretly like you, and you won’t come to know.

Subconscious signs of attraction are signs that tell you who all are crushing on you and who you are crushing on.

We will die but not accept the facts that you like someone. Possibility is somebody really likes you but keeps it to himself/herself. And attraction is something that scares us. When we come to know that someone is attracted to me, we fear them. But what if you fall in love with them too?

It might even happen that you like someone and not sure if they like you too. In that case, these subconscious signs a man likes you or a woman likes you can give you an answer.

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Rukayya Zirapur


Author's Bio: 

Rukayya Zirapur is a counseling practitioner and an emotional intelligence coach.