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When you want to achieve something, you often have to go through many challenges. Part of these challenges are the people you will encounter along the way. Even if circumstances work to your favor, if a person gets in your way and refuses to budge, this can hinder you from attaining your goal or desire. So part of the challenge is to convince people to just say yes to what you want. Unfortunately, some people are easy to convince, but some are not. There are now a lot of skeptics in the world today, so don’t be surprised if you encounter this problem at some point.

Now, once you come face to face with such a barrier, you should know exactly how to move it. And you can do so by using the art of persuasion, whether you need to sell to a person and you need him to say yes, or you need a promotion, or you need someone to do something for you.

Here are some tips on how to master the art of persuasion to get people to say yes to what you want.

1. The Herd Mentality Card. This is one persuasive technique that comes in handy for salesman and business owners who want to convince customers to buy their products or services. The herd mentality is the natural design that seems to propel people to do what the rest of the masses are doing. This is the reason behind trends and fads. If others are doing it, then it would be easier for you to get someone to say ‘yes’ to it if you point out this fact.

2. The Fear Factor. Another great motivator for people to say ‘yes’ is fear. Most people react most strongly, and most impulsively, when faced with fear. Fear makes people vulnerable and more receptive to suggestion on how to remove or protect themselves from it. If you have a solution to their fear, they are more likely to trust you and say ‘yes’ to you.

3. Know Your Boundaries. People are more likely to say ‘yes’ to you if you know how to limit what you ask. If you ask for too much, you can expect them to slink away. Ask small things one at a time, and try to keep the favors well-distanced. If you ask small things but you ask on a weekly basis, they are likely to notice it nevertheless. Once they take note of this, they will be more cautious when they encounter you.

4. Drop Subliminal Hints. One of the reasons why a lot of people sometimes almost associate hypnosis with black magic is that the thought of being controlled by someone else can be frightening. This is why some countries have banned certain advertisements because they are accused of using subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages are messages directed towards the subconscious mind. The subconscious is known as the main area of the brain that controls our beliefs, habits, impulses, and thought patterns. By sending messages to the subconscious, you can get it to work a certain way. If you think it would be unethical to use subliminal messages on someone, there’s no harm in dropping a few subliminal hints.

After all, subliminal messages will only work if they meet certain requirements.

First, subliminal messages only work if they are composed in a positive manner.
Second, subliminal messaging only works if the person also has an inner desire for what you are asking for.

Thus, you will not be convincing them against their will, but merely making them realize that they want to say ‘yes’ to you or accelerating their decision process.

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