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Do you get easily baffled with logic problems? Do you always feel scared of diagnostic tests because of the logic exams?

There’s no need to be baffled any longer. You can develop excellent reasoning skills so you can solve logic problems without a problem. This will make you feel right at ease with:

• Critical thinking
• Deduction
• Paradoxical thinking
• Fallacies
• Paradigms

Once you master all these, just imagine how much more powerful your mind will be.

Here are some steps to help you become a logic whiz.

1. Clear your mind. Good logic skills are signs of a healthy mind, so first you need to clear up the clutter in your mind. You can do this by doing basic meditation exercises, which is all about focusing on a single object or idea and shutting off everything else.

2. Believe in your mind’s ability. Next, think positively about your own abilities and skills. If you have it in mind that you can’t solve logic problems, then your mind will refuse to work with you and therefore make you really unable to understand proper logic. But if you believe in yourself and think that your mind is perfectly capable of making sense of any logical problem, then your mind will be empowered to roam and explore possible solutions to any logical problem. In other words, if you believe and think positively about your mind’s power, you are breaking down the barriers around your mind and therefore allowing it to manifest its full ability.

To do this, fill your mind with positive messages such as:

Logic comes naturally to me.
I solve problems with ease.
Logic is easy and manageable.
I am naturally logical.

3. Practice on a lot of logic problems. Get your mind used to the kind of challenges you want your brain to master. This has two benefits. First, it exercises your mind. Second, it will improve your brain’s memory, speed, and problem solving skills, which are all important in enhancing your brain’s logical capacity.

4. Work on your memory. A good memory is an invaluable trait for anyone who wants to solve logic problems with ease. You may think that you have no control over your memory, but the truth is, you actually do. The mind is a very capable organ in the body, and its abilities are boundless. Remembering and storing information is a small feat for such a powerful organ. But still, a lot of people suffer from poor memory; this is usually caused by stress, anxiety, and confusion, which builds up blockages in your mind.

The good news is, it is now easy to break down these blockages and maximize your brain’s full potential to store and recall information, thanks also to subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages are sent directly to the subconscious mind, so it does not pass through the filter of the conscious mind. As a result, you can put any idea into your mind without any resistance from your consciousness. So if you tell your mind that you have good memory and that remembering things comes naturally to you, then your mind will follow suit.

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