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A lot of people think that they have complete control over their perception of reality. They think that they are aware of everything that they see and perceive. They think that they only perceive what they choose to. In reality, however, people do not have that much control. In the conscious sense, a person can control what he sees, hears, and absorbs from his surroundings. But there is a powerful faculty residing beneath a person’s mind, and this system is continuously absorbing random stuff from the environment, without the person’s knowledge. This means that while the person thinks he controls everything that flows into his mind, a lot of other things get absorbed and he doesn’t even know it.

This faculty is called the subconscious mind. It is a powerful controlling system inside each of us that keeps on absorbing anything it sees, hears, and experiences, and the problem is, we have no conscious control over it. This means we cannot control what it absorbs.

Thankfully, there is a way to control this powerful system at work inside each of us. This is called subliminal persuasion, or persuading the subconscious mind to work in a certain way. This is done with the use of subliminal messages that are sent repetitively, continuously, or in a certain special manner, straight to the subconscious, such that the subconscious becomes convinced that those messages are the truth. Once convinced, the subconscious will treat contradictory messages as false and will reject them.

There are two ways to use subliminal persuasion. The first is on yourself, and the second is on other people.

Subliminal Persuasion to Improve Yourself and Your Life. You can use subliminal persuasion on yourself. You ask, why would I want to subconsciously persuade myself? Subliminal messages have been widely used in personal development and achievement. They are found to be effective in helping people curb negative ideas, beliefs, thought patterns, and habits, and in instilling positive thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and entire mindsets in people’s lives. In fact, subliminal persuasion has been used to help people quit smoking, lose weight, overcome addiction, relieve stress, and so on.

So if there is anything negative in your life, you can use subliminal persuasion to change it.

Subliminal Persuasion to Convince Others. You can also use subliminal persuasion to become more convincing when you talk to other people. Knowledge on the subject will come in handy in the business world. In fact, the use of subliminal messages in the advertising world is an example of what subliminal persuasion is. In your personal life, though, you can use it to make people agree with you more, see your point more easily, and understand you better so they won’t get in your way of achieving what you want. It is essentially helpful in making things go more smoothly for you.

With subliminal persuasion, you can build better and more productive relationships with other people, close more sales (if you are in the sales and marketing field), and get more people to help you out in your endeavors.

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