Subliminal Prison
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How do you feel when you do a dishonest deed to somebody?

How does that linger in your inner landscape? Does it mirror somebody putting limburger cheese on the manifold of a car? The physical part of the cheese will leave, but the stench will remain for a good, long time.

Just like a lie that binds the sublime mind into a gauntlet of guilt you must run every day. Lies told have a forever gallivanting guilt in your inner landscape. Because when you are a dishonest person, the person you lied to is free. Free, when they accept everything they allowed, and let go on without confronting the other party.

How do you still feel guilty about something you did to somebody many years ago?

Lies follow us subconsciously. No matter how tough you think you are the ‘inner landscape’ controls you physical world. When you lie to somebody to gain an ‘edge,’ you win the physical battle, however, the internal conflict never ends because dishonesty is bondage like no other; it bothers you every day in a way of slinking into your emotional energy that shows in your body language. People smell dishonesty just like driving by a waste water sewage plant on a hot summer’s day. People that lie are always in bewilderment because ‘birds of a feather do flock together.’

How do you remember dishonest people more than honest people?

I just went through an ordeal. I trusted somebody like I trusted myself, and that is where things went awry at a high rate of speed. When you trust somebody and it goes awry, it is because people don’t pay attention.

That is what I did; I focused too much on what I desired and didn’t pay close enough attention to other things - most of all, I didn’t listen to my inner self. First, people that tell the truth and trust their abilities have a way of getting taken of advantage of, because they trust people like they trust themselves. I do that. I trust people like I trust myself, and that is where I went awry in this situation. However, I still have my integrity, and the other party has to always wonder who I am talking to and what I am saying to them.

How will listening and paying attention expand your life?

Here is the bottom line to the whole situation. I desired to learn some things and I thought the other party and I could learn together. I did expand into this new understanding and I am way more talented than I ever thought. I always understood I was pretty talented, but this situation has made that grow. Disingenuous people have a way of spewing pure BS, and then having to swallow and wallow in it such as, in this case. In this case the other party was looking for a home run with one swing, but in reality he wasn’t ready for tee-ball and still isn’t ready to pick up the bat. So the life expanding lesson for me was trust me, and let the phony pony shirk be a leech on somebody else’s beach.

How does my learning lesson expand you?

It only cost me money, but cost the other person a lifetime of subliminal prison. Lies never die - they only grow longer with more legs. I accept my learning lessons and here are the things I expanded into:

1) I trust my abilities more than ever. I trust my abilities right in the beginning more than I do anyone else’s.

2) When entering into a partnership, I give the other party small tasks and watch their actions when they do it go forward. When they don’t do what they said, I drop em’ like a rock to the bottom of the ocean because they wanted my money…nothing more.

3) Listen to what they say. They will tell you when you listen with pure intent of honesty and integrity.

4) Listen to your gut intuition and pay attention to your emotional keenness. My inner self told me the ‘right’ way early on in the game.

5) The harder they blow about all they can do is all they are doing - blowing smoke up my derriere.

6) Pay attention to small things right in the beginning. A small lie in the beginning leads to a great big lie of deceit in the middle.

7) Have the guts to confront the other party on little things so they never grow into big things.

8) I discovered I was the one with the intelligence to move forward and the other party doesn’t matter. There is nothing they can do except what they have always done, and they will keep doing it spawning the same results. Lies are an internal insult ending in the same result every time.

9) I feel good. I am free while they are stuck in their subliminal prison with a karmic debt to be paid yet.

10) Just let them go like a tomahawk missile…to be forever gone.

11) Stop fretting over their feelings. It is better to make them mad than get caught up in a bad situation. Liars, dishonest people and scammers have no feelings about anybody, but looking good in their egotistical wannabe arrogance.

12) In the end, I did allow everything, so it was my responsibility to accept the emotional expansion and expand my enterprising-wise to see that I am way wiser than I was before. I win! They are forever gone in a blessed and lovely, perfect way.

13) Listen more than I talk; pay attention and keep them accountable for everything.

However, the party that lied took advantage of the other person and will forever wonder what the other party is saying, who they are talking to, and who they know. Lies come with paranoia. Everybody that you take advantage of will some day be in your path when you are in dire need of a ‘hand up,’ and the person’s hand you are reaching for is the person you screwed over. Now the dishonesty is a pure karmic debt, and karmic debt is an avalanche of negativity ready to bowl one over during the worst times, binding them to agony. I wished I hadn’t done that to them.

When you trust somebody it is universal, however, when the other person takes it for granted it is them that broke the universal bond. Dishonesty is a karmic snowball that turns into an avalanche because the dishonest person consciously is very proud of their unethical values, simply because they won. However, in the subconscious mind there is a never-ending imprint that is always ingrained and always activated when the other person sees the person they honored, but dishonored. And the dishonorable always are afraid of what the other person is doing, who they are talking to, until there is a head-to-head occurrence where the dishonest person comes face-to-face with the one they thought they were smarter than. This is the one that controls their dishonest deed.

A dishonest deed never goes unpunished in the universal vista.

Liars churn and burn in subliminal prison, a cold realization where their lies are there, corrupt knives that cut away their moral fiber causing the dive into a hideout of doubt - knowing their lies are a cold steel blade of immoral thievery. A liar’s lies never die, they peevishly sends them away, crying in a bewildered wonder about what people they lied to are saying about them.

When a dishonest person tells a lie to an honest person, the dishonest person has the ‘windmill of blunder,’ wilting because they know, in the internal hell, the thunder of blundering ways will strike with a lightning bolt of conceited deceit from the seeds of deceit - sending them to subliminal prison while looking pale in a jail living their ski-bow-ski fraud till the day they pay karma.

The payoff of their karmic debt is when they face the honest person; when they are in dire straits and the honest person turns them down on their quest to be ‘best.’ Instead they are left dangling, living their devilish brand deviousness, stranded in a priggish blizzard…twisting in the winds of their lies.

Liars lie in a bed of perilous deceit besieged by their words, and their words are the swords of snootiness that cut them off at the knees, always living in the weeds of need being peed on by their on greed. Because the fires of lies burn hotter than the fires of hell; because a lie is an inner hell a liar never outruns - the lies of liars are gunned down in a daze eternal fraud.

All the challenges the world faces today are subliminal pain searching for an escape tunnel, but the people are trying to be tough, wanting to physically release their pain through physical aggression which is keeping this world in a recession.

All the wars, aggression, hate, anger and pessimism is ingrained pain in the subliminal mind.

We fight on a physical plane but the war is raging in the subconscious ideologies. Ingrained pain that has begun every way, and lack of respect the leader feels in their subconscious mind and their heart is shut down with their head bound in a fight - I must conquer and be the controller of the world! Egotistical arrogance is subliminal prison with pain draining all inventive ingenuity.

How do you feel you must conquer the world, but instead you end up being conquered?

Today the world is subliminally encumbered in history, with all the pain hammering away at the inner fabric of every earthborn race. On is the world - on pace to face all the challenges all at once. The world today is afraid to listen and open out a new way to experience the wisdom of each culture that expands the enterprising landscape - instead, the world uses the inbred of dread. Our culture and our way is the only way to live - everybody else is wrong and is the reason that they are gonged into subliminal prison.

Subliminal prison is where the egotistical arrogance and personal disrespect for themselves meet, creating malice of conception of two wrongs going miserably into a frying pan of inflaming defamation into an internal warring faction.

How is your disrespect for others actually your internal disrespect of you?

Three questions:

How are you in subliminal prison?

How are you afraid of trusting your abilities?

How do you respect yourself?

Three affirmations:

I am free because I trust me.

I chime the rhyme in my subliminal mind of self-respect, to go prospecting in my inner gold mine, to spend my money on the beaches of wealth watching wave after wave - fun in the sun - grandeur in a perfect way.

I wine dine in my subliminal freedom because I am honest with me so I am honest with the universal vista today and every day, in every way under grace, in an intrepid integrity way.

With a Smile in My Heart
Robert A. Wilson
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