Being an avid subliminal messaging fan and recently stumbling across Brain Wave Entrainment, I, like you, wanted to find out as much as I could about this new self-improvement technique and whether or not it produces better results than subliminal messaging, or if the two can be used together. Anyway, after doing some research, I managed to come up with some answers.

While the concept behind Brain Wave Entainment is different from subliminal messaging, the results are very similar, that is they both allow us to form different thought patterns by accessing the more ‘hidden’ areas of our minds.

Basically, Brain Wave Entrainment alters your brainwave frequency. Generally this involves stimulating the brain visually, aurally, or with electromagnetic radiation in order to induce the brain into the desired brainwave pattern. By doing this, it allows you to use your mind more effectively. It works by using specially-designed aural or visual prompts such as MP3’s which activates the brain’s tendency to change its frequency to be in alignment with the frequencies around it..

After using a BWE MP3, you should experience a change in general mindset, rather than have a specific life goal in mind. However, the resulting mindset should enable to you to more easily implant new ideas into your brain.

Subliminal messaging works by planting a specific message into your brain by bypassing the conscious mind, which would probably reject the new idea and prevent it from taking hold. This method does not really change your mental state, unless you listen to the versions which are recorded underneath another sound such as waves crashing or a thunderstorm. However, this result is more easily achieved by using Brain Wave Entrainment.

After using a subliminal MP3, your mind should be more open to a specific idea and your sub-conscious should be working to achieve it.

So you can see that there is some significant difference between the two but they both aim to help you to manifest. I am experimenting at the moment with using both of them, using Brain Wave Entainment to get my mind on the right wavelength and subliminal messaging to implant that all-important new idea.

So I guess I can say that, while the two are in fact different, they can be used together quite well. Try them yourself and see. You may just find the answer you are looking for.

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