Subliminal messages are a great sales training resource that can be added to your existing sales skills. Subliminal training can effortlessly stimulate your mind and add a new dimension to the way you use your sales training. All you have to do is put on a set of headphones, listen to a sales training CD or MP3 subliminal messaging training track, and your unconscious gets directly targeted subliminal messages. It’s as easy as that.

I do not advise that subliminal messaging be used to completely replace effective practical sales training. You still need to learn how to sell and how to use sales skills. Subliminal training should be used as an additional tool and add power to your attitude, motivation, and how you use your sales techniques. This will give you a different perspective and stimulate your mind to take new actions. Then you will use your sales skills and ability in new ways and get new results.

Too many salespeople are doing the same old thing every day and getting the same old results every month. If they keep doing what they’re doing they will keep getting the results they are getting. Sometimes it’s new sales skills that are needed, or effective sales coaching on what to say and how to build a sales pitch. But often it’s deeper than that. The problem is that people have sales skills but not there is just that something missing that brings it all together and makes it all work smoothly.

Subliminal messages can be used for dealing with problems in other areas of life that effect sales performance. I’ve seen subliminal training used to overcome obstacles such as lack of confidence, financial problems, and to make changes to personal appearance and physical wellbeing. It works really well when used to build to make build confidence, self esteem, or to increase assertiveness. There are many things that can affect us at work, such as fears, phobias, or irrational and negative beliefs. Once these have been overcome we can focus positively and use our resources to move forward and become successful in our sales role.

Imagine just putting on the headphones and letting the MP3 or CD do the work with your subconscious. You can use subliminal messages while walking, commuting, or doing your normal chores. In fact they work better when you are consciously distracted. Subliminal training works well when you are in the gym. You can make double use of your exercise time by getting a workout and a mental training session at the same time, how’s that for time management?

I’ve managed and trained hundreds of sales people and it is my opinion that using subliminal messages has no negatives and a lot of potential positives. The worst that can happen is that the training has no effect. The potential positives are: increased sales results using an effortless sales training tool. You make changes that create a positive mental attitude, and you increase sales and earn more money.

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I’m Stephen Craine, I’m a working sales manager and sales trainer. Subliminal messages are a sales training technique I have advised many people to use. When combined with practical sales skills training it is a powerful resource that takes very little time or efforts, and can produce great results. Is also very effective in helping to overcome obstacles in all their areas of your life and can help you create all round success and achievement. You can see more about subliminal sales training at Subliminal Messages for Sales Training. I look around the world for effective sales training techniques for my working sales teams and to share on my website which you can visit at