In the game of love, all of us are not born equal and some might have much better luck than the rest. The thing about this is that there are many tools to be played in the game of seduction – they can come in the form of tangible things like good looks, or money, or a certain feature that appeals to other people.

There are other, more intangible things like status, or charm, or charisma, or personality and even things like love might come into the picture once in a while. What you need to understand is that for those of us who do not have an overpowering physical portfolio in the game of love, we have to rely on the biggest and most powerful muscle in the human body and that is of course the human brain. We need to be able to master the art of subliminal seduction and that is really being able to train the mind to bring out the James Bond and the Don Juan in each and every one of us. This article is more for the male part of the population, because you have to admit that it is the male population that often struggles in the dating game, while the women will have the freedom of choice and not being alone.

So men, sit up and pay attention and be enthralled at the power of subliminal seduction and what it can do for you. Your mind is your worst enemy and a no confidence approach is perhaps the biggest bomb that you can drop on yourself. If you are going into a situation with a very negative mindset, you are most sure to not get anywhere. The mindset affects each and every element of yourself, so you need to be able to conquer your mind and be Napoleonic about things when looking at a girl and wanting to approach her.

You need to be in a positive mind frame and this is all about subliminal seduction. What does subliminal mean? It means that something is not perceived but felt. One thing you need to do is to make your presence felt, which means walking up next to her or if you are at a bar, walk past her and maybe glance at her once. Make sure that she knows you know she knows – if you understand that and then do your own thing. You cannot rush. Rushing denotes desperation and desperation means you will be at home later that night with a box of tissues.

Let things ease, and let her get comfortable with your presence. The last thing she wants is a shock. Then try and approach her. Subliminal seduction is about using body language, confidence and bringing out the side of you that you have in your mind. You need to master the techniques of reading her body language as well. With these subliminal seduction techniques, you will be having dates and then some in no time at all.

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