Sanas engineering provides Submersible Dewatering Pump in its simplest meaning is the junking of water. This process is used in numerous diligence but generally appertained to in constructions and wastewater when water is separated from solids through a variety of different pumping or filtering processes. Construction dewatering is frequently appertained to as dewatering, unwatering, or water control. Heavy- duty submersible slurry pumps can handle abrasive and sharp slurries with ease in a wide range of operating conditions including heads to 500 ft, up to 55 solids content, temperatures up to 90 °C and motors up to 800 HP.

Backed by expansive operation moxie, our submersible pumps have a long history in mine dewatering, shop scale pumping, ash running, chase disposal, pond water return, coal and ash running and colorful eclectic sump services.
Sanas engineering proud to offer guests high quality and dependable Submersible Dewatering Pump in both standard and engineered- to- order options to give flexible results for a variety of pumping challenges. A wide range of installation and mounting styles allows for inflexibility in any sump ( wet or dry) and open hole operation.

Construction Foundation work for constructions of structure, Road, Control of Ground Water Level, Sedimentations tanks at construction spots, Lair constructions etc.

diligence Power shops, Cements shops, Thermal shops, Dockyard/ Sot wharf operation.

Mining Underground Mines" Galleries to collecting recesses, Underground Mines" Water from development drifting, Coal Mines, Open Mines" from bottom to face, Mine dewatering.

External structure of Roads, Lair construction/ work on Channels & Rivers, Building of Islands/ heads, Flood Dewatering, Fire Brigade, colorful structure systems.

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