Life has taught many of us to be naturally inclined to gravitate toward the negative, based on what we perceive as failure, loss and isolation. We then use the value we have assigned to our past experiences as a template for future decision-making.
When we begin to look beyond the historical negatives we learn that we can choose a more constructive view of the world and not draw exclusively from that sense of being hostage to our past.

As we look at the world slightly differently we start to gain a new sense of freedom that is not limited by an old value system. The secret is to focus on going forward positively without the negative influences of the past.

One failure need not become a life of regret. Failure in one area does not have to lead to a world without success.

Teach your Self to value all your experiences and see them as building blocks to where you are now. Even apparent mistakes are educational. Every experience carries value.

This way of seeing things gives us the chance to use our past in a new way. Now we can focus on learning how we operate rather than judging our perceived lack of performance and continually beating ourselves up with the mantra of ‘I can never get it right’.

By constantly referring to my past I limit my Self, which means that I cannot expand my horizons and I will draw more and more on the philosophy of failure.

Bear in mind that we are all born naturally successful, and learn the habit of failure as we grow up. As children we believed we could be, do and have anything we wanted. Where is the little girl who dreamed of being a princess, or the young boy who would be an astronaut?

The real problem is that we tend to use our past as our problem, never really allowing ourselves the opportunity to be all that we are capable of being, never really believing that we are Self-confident and assured in our decision-making. When we overcome that restrictive way of thinking, the sense of freedom is quite extraordinary because always being right doesn’t matter any more. Now I know that I make decisions with the belief that I am doing my best. I am working on my future success strategy, rather than from my past fears.

Fear really stifles our ability to achieve, in all aspects of life. Letting go of old fearful influences gives a whole new perspective to how we view our world and as a result the opportunities become much more abundant. Now we’re not looking for the problem but, in the knowledge of Self-trust and belief, we embrace the opportunity. Every situation – a global recession, a relationship breakdown, a struggling business, a health challenge - can lead us to a place that doesn’t leave us feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed.

I can be, do and have all I want to be, do and have provided I let go of Self-doubt.
Be prepared to see the world and your place within it differently. In other words, envisage the outcome you want and believe that you deserve it and that it can happen. Don’t be dogged by your past, regardless of your life experience to date. Now you can face any challenge with a personal freedom from the past. See your Self taking ownership of your right to success.

Just because I didn’t make the grade yesterday does not automatically mean I won’t make it tomorrow.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, Success Expert, business owner and author of 'Solved! The Truth about Real Success'