In an era when the advancements in technology is taking away the perseverance of man with every passing second, we want even ‘success’ to be ours, instantly. But, can ‘success’ be attained immediately? Is there a short-cut that can get you ‘success’ whenever you want? Let us probe more into this 7-letter word and find out how to get to it, faster.

Let’s start with how we should define success. Success is a very relative term. If we try to constrain it within a fixed definition, then we would have no less than probably 7 billion variants of success. For everyone, success has a different meaning. It may depend on the stage of life you are in, the kind of career you have chosen or maybe completely on your ‘stars’.

For a person in his/her late 70s or 80s, ‘success’ would be to stay as healthy as possible. For someone in the showbusiness, success is fame. For a doctor, success is to save somebody’s life. For a sportsperson, success is to win the ultimate competition in his/her game. And for someone who’s very spiritually inclined, success would solely be dependent on your ‘stars’ or your horoscope.

But, in whatever form or way we define ‘success’, we all have one thing in common – We Want Success, NOW! Success is NOT about how famous you are or how much money you have. A successful person is someone who makes a living out of what he or she does with sheer hard work and dedication. That is success.

Fame is nothing but a by-product of success. If you are successful, then you are also famous. But you should never confuse fame with success, ever. If you really wish to be successful, then all you need to do is concentrate on your task at hand and go about it with a single-mindedness that has never been heard before. There is, unfortunately, no other alternative to success.

Many people, especially the spiritually inclined, has the tendency of blaming it on the ‘luck’ factor. For them, it is the art of astrology and/or numerology which decides when success will be yours for the taking. Success will kiss your feet only when your destiny permits. It does not mean that you can skip hard work but until and unless it is written in your destiny, you would not get success come what may. So, if you are one of those people who has a spiritual bent of mind, success will come to you only when you are destined to.

Success is also dependent on the kind of industry or career that you are in. If you are in the medical field, success can come and go at the end of every operation that you undertake. For a movie actor, success is weekly and fortunes change every Friday at the box-office. For a military person, success lies in the fact that his/her country is free. For a sportsperson, success could come instantly or they may have to wait for ages to achieve the ultimate trophy in their chosen sport.

But whatever you do or in whichever career field you are in, success cannot be attained immediately. It comes after years of hard work, dedication, single-mindedness and mastering an art or skill-set. So, never try and achieve success with a short-cut as success achieved short-cuts are also short-lived. Remember this mantra if you really wish to taste ‘success’. All The Best!

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