We have all developed patterns of limitation but we can make the choice to change in an instant. Sometimes the results of this choice for change will be apparent very quickly and sometimes nothing seems to be happening. The key is to be patient – with our selves and with the process - at all times.
In the process of self-discovery and of bringing your being to a better state there are always going to be places where we temporarily seem to fail, there are always going to be places where we find errors in our thinking or behaviour or where life seems to hinder us at every turn.
As we go through the state of revelation we learn to correct these errors and we gradually stop making the same mistakes and having to learn the same lesson. There will still be leaking roofs or temperamental washing machines or difficult neighbours to deal with, but your sense of self is no longer attached to these challenges.
The opportunity for self greatness becomes far more underlined in how we act and how we live and in the results we experience.
We are all constantly being presented with opportunities for correction but we must be willing and ready to act on the lessons. Your ability is also your potential. Achieving your potential becomes the expression of who and what you are, all done in the purposeful and fulfilling way as an illustration of what you can be.
So understand that within your self is a complete and perfect you. Understand that within your own heart is the essence of perfection. Understand that this perfection is fundamentally what you are and what you started out as.
So, we now start a journey of recognising the errors that we have made and of learning to let them go and learning to have a different guidance system as we move through our world. Past mistakes never threaten present or future truths. The only vulnerability is in our attachment to the past mistake.
The truth is a constant reminder of what we are. The truth will help us to get rid of the source of fears, the sense of misplacement and the sense of loss that each and every one of us has been in touch with at some point in our journey.
In our revelation we are undoing the distortions we have embraced. This will give us a much greater sense of freedom as we look from the perception of our own self worth and appreciate the self worth of others that surround us in our world.
Awareness of our own reality is essential as we look at our life history and at the template of situations and patterns that we have experienced. The truth of what we are should never be hidden. Deceptions make us fearful and cause us to act in ways that will not let the true self shine. It is very difficult to establish any degree of reality in deception. The world can be filled with illusions but your spirit will always be free. There is no lack of anything, just an abundant knowledge of the power of self.
We were all born with everything we need for our individual journey through life. We were all born complete. Any sense of emptiness or lack that may have arisen came from fear. To instigate change it is really a matter of getting back in touch with completion of where we started.
We must all learn not to abandon our selves and not to deprive our selves but to take on board the abundance of who and what we are and what we can be, based on small and simple adjustments of the way we see the world and hence the way the world will see us.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan has been involved in business ventures for almost 30 years. In that time his companies have encountered highs, lows and everything in between. His vast business experience has led to a deep understanding of the nature of success.
Geoffrey’s first book, Solved! The truth about real success, is founded on the belief that success is an inside job, inherent in, available to and attainable by everybody. The ‘missing piece’ is the realisation that - regardless of circumstances, education, social status, history or any other outside influences.- you are perfect and were born with the potential to be, do and have everything you dream about.
In recent times, Geoffrey has been working on his second book, The Prize, building his online presence and increasing his followers on various popular social networking sites.