In today’s economic climate talented people are being forced to look for their next job or opportunity. Many of them have valuable skills and experience to offer an employer; and some are being given opportunities that take them out of their comfort zone. Some will get stuck in self-doubt, fear or limited thinking. Others will take the risk to play a bigger game because they are filled with confidence, have a compelling vision and focus on the positive.
If you are reaching for a level of success that takes you into unknown territory, these three strategies enable you to “show up” as “your best”:
Present yourself with unwavering confidence
You are connected to your worth and filled with confidence when: 1) you claim your strengths (qualities, talents, skills, purpose, values); 2) rely on the past experiences that make you an expert; and 3) acknowledge and break through personal challenges (self-limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviors).
When you think, feel, speak and live with authenticity, you are congruent. This alignment empowers you. You will have a sense of security that enables you to see clearly and take risks. When you speak from this truth, others will pay attention. And, as you overcome personal challenges, you are on your way to self-mastery.
Feel inspired and empowered by your vision
Your vision reflects a specific picture of having what you want. When the vision shows up in your life, it fills you with a personal purpose, like financial freedom, and serves a universal purpose, like bringing hope to others. The vision reflects an expansive level of accomplishment and the two purposes give it deep personal meaning. When you imagine having it right now, you are filled with positive feelings that add passion to the picture and purpose.
A vision energizes you, keeps you focused and serves as a barometer upon which to evaluate your choices. If a specific job or business venture is not aligned with your vision, proceed with caution. You may be compromising your success, health and well-being.
Attract successful outcomes through the power of positive thinking
When you trust that who you are is enough and expect your vision to become a reality, you are able to remain positive in the unknown and allow what you want to find you. You attract positive outcomes when you: 1) have gratitude for what you have and where you have been; 2) approach the unknown with a sense of fullness, not lack; possibilities, not obstacles; and 3) do your best in the present moment while letting go of attachment to the outcome.
The success you want to accomplish begins with you. Whether facing a setback, a change or new beginning, you are challenged to lead with “your best.” Your skills, talents and wisdom make you an authentic expert. Your vision gives you a picture of success and sense of purpose. And, as you focus on the positive, you attract it. When you reach for what you want with confidence, vision and positive thinking, you are filled with inspiration and possibility. You will move through the unknown with ease. Your plan and actions will take you the rest of the way and reinforce the success that you are.

Author's Bio: 

Sandra Miniere, M.Ed., is an experienced specialist in long-lasting positive behavior change. Sandra has worked with top leaders in diverse corporate and non-profit organizations. She inspires her clients to lead with greater confidence and close their leadership skill gaps as they motivate their teams, implement effective change and accomplish outstanding results.
Sandra maintained a 20-year private practice as a professional counselor, was the executive director of a non-profit for five years, presents workshops and seminars to corporate clients and community organizations, and has had coaching articles published in newspapers, magazines and Internet publications. Sandra has been a success coach for nine years.