One of the best methods you can use to dramatically increase the level of success you currently enjoy, is to start looking beyond your own personal self-interest. Start to look around and explore your world and discover a cause bigger than you. This crucial shift, will see you take a much larger view of your world and allow you to remove the selfish inward view you currently hold and get you to start looking outside yourself. This shift will allow you to move from selfish internal self-interest, to an external selfless view of your world.

This one very significant shift, will radically change how the world responds to and receives you. To make this process work for you, it is crucial that you change from being someone, who is focused only on your own success and that you begin to look look beyond yourself. When you change your focus from self, toward helping as many people as possible achieve the success they desire. Your world opens up and resources and people, who seemed distant and unobtainable, almost miraculously become available to you. As Zig Ziglar puts it “You can have anything in life that you want, if you will help enough other people get what they want.

How Does this Work?
When you are no longer focused on your own self-interest and you are looking around your world, focused on something bigger than you. You see a very different world. One which is far larger than the limited world you will see, when you view it through a restrictive set of eyes, which are focused only on self. This allows you to program your mind to see many opportunities, which would have seemed too large or ominous, when viewed from a restrictive viewpoint.

Commit to Teach what you need to Learn
Action Idea: One of the most powerful processes for learning any new knowledge or skill is to commit to teach those skills or knowledge to others. This simply means that if you are lacking any attributes, in your strength zone, necessary to succeed, you then invest time to find people, who need to learn these skills or acquire this knowledge and then commit to assist them to develop those attributes too. This will allow you learn, grow and become more and at the same time look beyond self, where you can support others

If you need to Grow, Commit to Help Others Grow
If you need to become, more confident, bolder, courageous, more positive or stronger, then commit to help other people develop these attributes and you will learn and acquire them too. As you give commit to give to others, you are gradually giving to yourself too and you are growing. Everyone wins, there is a great modality of fair exchange.

Making this work for you
Action Idea: Explore your own life and business, try to identify areas where you need to improve. Once you have identified what attributes you will need, identify someone, who you can assist to develop exactly those attributes. This shifts you away from a mentality of what can I get, to one where you focus on, what you can give. This shift will see a massive shift in the way your world sees you and as if by magic, you will see the resources you desire beating a path to your door.

Focus on Others, to Help Yourself

It is astounding how focusing on someone else and teaching them how to develop the very attributes you need to develop in yourself, will help you to develop exactly those attributes in yourself. Not only do you learn the attributes necessary to attract the success you desire, but you get to help someone else get what they want too. This is really rewarding and contributes to improving your level of satisfaction, happiness and contentment and will help the whole world get better too..

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