If one was to look back on the people they have spent time with throughout their life, they may find that some of these people have had a positive effect on them. This could be due to what they did for them, but it might not be this black and white.

Simply being in their presence may have been enough, and this could show that these people were inspiring to be around. Perhaps these people were full of energy, and they might have achieved a certain level of success.


Through spending time around these people, it may have given one the desire to work towards their own goals. In fact, they might believe that they wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for these people.

What this shows is how much of an impact other people can have, and how important it is to spend time around the right people. If one was to think about the people they have spent time with who did not inspire them, this will be something that is only too clear.

A Drain

When one was around someone like this, they may have felt as though their energy was being taken away from them. This could have been a time when the other person was consumed by what was going wrong in their life.

So instead of thinking about what they could do to move forward, they might have been focused on the reasons why their life can’t change. Or if this wasn’t the case, it could be someone who was critical of everything and everyone.

Sucked Dry

Therefore, even if one wasn’t put down by this person, they would have still have had to be exposed to this kind of behaviour. Being around this person for a few minutes might have been enough to make them think about getting away from them.

But even when they did walk away from them, it is unlikely that they would have felt better straight away. It might have taken a few hours, or even a few days for them to get back on their feet.

The Ideal

If one has spent more around people who inspire them than they have around people who don’t, their life could be going in the right direction at this point in time. Through spending more time around these people, it might have been easier for them to deal with the people who drained them.

One may also find that they have learnt a lot through spending time around people who drain them. For one thing, it might have emphasised how important it is for them to spend time around people who are going to add something to their life.


In addition to the effect that other people will have on how one feels, there is also the effect they will have on how they will behave. One level, this means that one is unlikely to do something productive when they feel drained, but on another level, they could also take on this persons behaviour.

Therefore, one could also find that through being around people who had a negative effect on them, they also started to behave in the same way. This is not to say that this took place overnight, but it would have happened nevertheless.

For Example

One may have spent a lot of time around someone who had the tendency to eat food that is unhealthy. And through being around them, they might have ended up eating the same kind of food.

This might not have stopped their though, as they might have started to eat this food even when they were not in their company. Spending time around this person would then have had a negative effect on their health, and it might have affected their appearance.

An Affair

One could find that there was a time when one of their friends was having an affair, and this then caused them to think about having one. If, on the other hand, this wasn’t the case, it might have meant that one wouldn’t have even though about having one.

One might have stopped themselves from going this far, but there is also the chance that they ended up having one. It was then not something for them to avoid; it was just something that people do.

The Time Has Come

On a more positive note, if one is a woman and they have a child, they may find that a number of people around them had children before they did. Being around these people may then have made them want to have a child of their own.

Yet, if they only spent time around people who didn’t have children, they might not have a child at this point in time. This is then an example of how the people around them have had a positive effect their life.

Moving Forward

So if one spends time around people who are not willing to settle in life, there will be no reason for one to settle either. What will also cause them to stay on the right track is there need to fit it.

If they were around people who were not going anywhere, this is something that would have a negative effect on their life. But as they are around people who have the desire to move forward, this need will assist them.


What this shows is how discerning one needs to be when to come to who they spend time with. If they don’t pay attention to this area of their life, they could end up making their life harder than it needs to be.

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