The scope for food delivery applications is on the rise. More and more new players are entering into the segment and profiting off of the immense opportunities the sector has to offer. Long gone are the days when consumers had to make long elaborate phone calls to restaurants to order food. Today, ordering food is as simple as reaching into your pocket, opening the app on your smartphone and performing a few swipes and taps. Quick and easy, but what’s the successful formula for on-demand food ordering and delivery business?

When it comes to building a food delivery smartphone application, there are 4 basic steps to follow through to ensure that you get the best out of your mobile software.

The Pre-requisites:

Ask yourself the following questions
• What are the objectives of your food delivery application?
• What is your average customer like?
• Which region will you be catering your app services to?
• What app development solution will you use?
• What business model will you implement in your application?


The intuitive features is a major part of what makes up a smartphone application. To be on par with the industry’s standard, you must implement the following features

• Multiple payment options
• Real-time GPS tracking
• Feedback system
• Search bar and search filters
• Browse restaurants and menu
• Offers and discount codes

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App Store Optimization (ASO)

To enable your app to cut through all the stiff competition, you will have to optimize your app according to the standards of the app store you wish to launch your software on. It includes

• Keyword optimization
• Writing attractive descriptions
• Garnering good reviews
• Uploading a catchy app image
• Optimizing the title of the app and more

Marketing Strategy:

Before deploying your app and after it goes live, a good marketing strategy will result in more visibility and customer base for your app. It involves

• Social media advertising
• Blog posts
• Creating a landing page and more

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