The scope of applications for a food distribution is growing. More and more new players are entering this segment and taking advantage of the huge opportunities offered by this industry. Gone are the days of making extensive calls to customers to order food. Ordering food today is like putting your hand in your pocket, opening an app on your smartphone, swiping, and tapping. What is the successful formula for a fast and easy but in-demand UberEats Clone food ordering and delivery business?

To create a food delivery smartphone app, you need to follow 4 basic steps to make the best use of your cell phone software.


  • Ask yourself the following questions
  • What is the purpose of your food delivery service?
  • What is your average customer?
  • In which regions do you offer consumer services?
  • What application development solutions do you use?
  • Which business model will you use in your application?


Smart features are an important part of creating a smartphone app. To be at the same level as industry standards, you need to implement the following characteristics,

  • Many payment options
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Feedback system
  • Search menu and search filter
  • View restaurants and menus
  • Offer and discount code

Pre-install all of these features using the UberEats Clone app.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

To eliminate an app from all the fierce competition, you need to improve the standard of the app store where you want to launch the app.

Marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy will create more visibility and a user base in your app before you use the UberEats Clone app and immediately after launch. This includes,

  • Social media advertising
  • Blog posts
  • Creating a landing page

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