Maybe it sounds impossible to have a successful business and a thriving romantic relationship – at the same time. Something always comes first, whether it’s a great job where you can climb the ladder or a great partner with whom you feel you can really last long.

And then, the other thing appears, making you feel you’re in between, unable to find the right balance. Yet, you feel you deserve both of the worlds, but you just can’t find the right way. However, balance can be achieved.

It’s actually about the partner

The most important thing, for starters, is to have the right person beside you. It has to be a partner you feel comfortable with and who you feel is worth all the trouble. And that partner needs to be ok with your way of life, which will be hectic and busy from time to time. In other words, they need to accept your lifestyle and even like it to a certain extent. Once you know that the two of you are always ready to discuss issues that arise, it’s much easier to come to the right solution together. Each following step will be that much simpler.

1. Master compartmentalization

It’s crucial you leave work behind when you get back home. Even if you have some work to do from home, don’t do it the moment you step inside. Have at least two hours of bonding with your partner. Don’t discuss work issues, just be there for one another – have a meal together, watch your favorite TV show or have a walk. Decompress from work stress and let your partner be aware that you really see them and enjoy their company.

Your bedroom should also be your sanctuary. So, come up with a rule – no laptops and phones in the bedroom. It’s the room for just the two of you, free from the outside world. When you learn to compartmentalize, you’ll find it easier to enjoy moments with your partner and you’ll be more present.

2. Be each other’s biggest fan

It’s not necessary for both partners to be entrepreneurs but it’s important for both of you to be driven by something. Both of you should have some goals to reach in order to be fully satisfied in a relationship. That also means that you should support your partner in their struggle for progress and don’t compete with each other. You’re not on opposite sides – you’re in it together. If one of you succeeds, it’s the other person’s success, too. Help each other whenever you can and be supportive. It’s the only way neither one of you will feel threatened by the other or less worthy.

3. Make an effort to make more time

In case you are an entrepreneur or even at a high position as an executive, you know how valuable every free minute is. People who run their own businesses or are responsible for a lot of people in a big company struggle to have some free time on a daily basis. Many of them find it hard not just to maintain a relationship but to find one. That’s why many of them are usually found through executive dating because that’s the only way how others can meet them.

When you’re already in a relationship, use every trick possible to create more time. Hire a cleaner for your home if it means you’ll have more time with your partner. Have meals delivered to your home instead of wasting time in the kitchen if you can be with your partner. Have a personal trainer if it means you can work out while your partner is not at home. This won’t go unnoticed by your partner; they will appreciate your effort and feel loved and respected.

4. “Busy” doesn’t always mean better

It has become normal to think that a busy schedule means success and a good life. Don’t overcrowd your life just for everybody else to think you’re doing great. Having a full calendar doesn’t mean having a fulfilled life altogether. It’s better if you also put a date night with your partner in your calendar and treat it as a must. Don’t push your private life in the background to make room for your work. The time with your partner is equally important - so treat it like that. When you know you have something planned with them, don’t allow a work obligation to get in the way.

5. Be proud of your relationship – and show it

People are usually very proud of their career success, as success in personal relationships is implied and comes by default. Well, it’s not like that. Be proud of how far you have come in your relationship and what goals you have achieved as a couple. And don’t be shy to show it to others. It’s difficult to maintain a healthy and stable relationship, especially if you have a busy career. So, why not let others and your partner know you’re happy about it?

Final words

The act is – it’s going to be challenging to find the right balance. You’ll make mistakes, that’s for sure. But as long as you keep showing you care and you’re ready to have an open conversation, no need to fear.


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