There are several important things that we need to remember in doing ppc advertising. We all know that pay per click ads are still one of the widely-trusted and used advertising method on the net. Without it, it can be quite difficult for internet marketers to peddle goods on the net.

However, we can’t simply leave it up solely on ppc advertising to generate money for our business. How we write the copy on our advertisements, use keywords, and set up the entire campaign are the most prominent factors that eventually lead to the success or failure of our ppc advertising ventures.

There are means to do in order to achieve the success that we aim for. I, personally, find ppc advertising to be very challenging. Not to mention that it can be a bit costly especially when you are not able to make the sales that are supposed to cover your expenses.

What I find more challenging is the fact that you are only given very limited space to pitch your product or services. With such limitation, it can really be very rewarding to know that hundreds or thousands of people are clicking on your advertisement. Then again, success in ppc advertising is not only measured by the number of clicks that you get.

It’s still the conversion. Clicks must be converted to sales. Otherwise, all your money and efforts will just go down the drain. Going back to writing ad copy in ppc advertising, it’s very effective that you put emphasis on the benefits of your product. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers in order to have a clearer perspective of their needs.

Remember, you need to tell your target customers about your product within a very limited space. Be brief and straight to the point. Let them know what they will experience after they use your product. And more importantly, be TRUTHFUL. Don’t make false promises just so you can make them click on your advertisement.

Now that you’ve made them click, let’s go to your landing page. This is where you either MAKE it or BREAK it. All the promises that you have mentioned in your advertisement must be fulfilled here. If you had a great Adwords copy, they will try to check if you’re for real in your landing page.

So, make it real. I’ve heard marketers blabber about using advanced ppc strategies etc. There’s nothing wrong in being “advanced” but for me, what matters most is we have mastered the basics. To conclude, we need to keep google adwords quality and stay persistent in doing Adwords. After all, who said that success in Adwords is a long shot?

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Menno Spijkstra is a successful underground Internet Marketer who has been online for many years, selling his own products in many niches. Menno now decided to share his knowledge and experience through this site,