“If you’ve got an idea, start today. There’s no better time than now to get going.” -Kevin Systrom

Success speaks of ideas and risks, not of age or experience. There’s no right time for anything, we take the time right for us. There’s a spark in all of us which is overshadowed by our insecurities. Reigniting and recognizing the glaze within us requires major attention. Ideas are not judged by how small or big they are. It is all about the difference we would observe in society after it is implemented.  The world is growing and expanding, and so are its unknown requirements. In Arise Awake by Rashmi Bansal, you will uncover how a small need of yours can be a major idea for a startup.  


Rashmi Bansal's first book on entrepreneurship sold over 500000 copies and has set a record in India. She has written a number of books for dreamers and their dreams. She illustrates her points by recounting the stories of those who rose to great heights through minor initiations. This encourages young entrepreneurs to see the bright side of things. As a youth expert, she considers their perspectives and develops the best guide for them. Her book is one such resource for young minds with big dreams.

Arise Awake is an inspiration for those who want to leap at a young age. It has stories of twenty entrepreneurs who believed in themselves and gave up the security of lucrative placements to work for themselves. Journey in this is never welcoming and comfortable. But nothing comes easy. Success stories are world-known but the failures behind them need the audience. Failures teach us. The life experiences of change-makers in this book is a guide for the upcoming generation of risk-takers. It is a book for dreamers who want to keep chasing and create a history.  


The book has been presented in a tabular manner with pointers making it convenient to understand and comprehend. This book has teachings that can be implemented by anyone irrespective of their goals. The author has kept in mind the millennial approach to life and has made it easy to read. 

A leader never dreams of success but works for it. He acknowledges the essence that failure leaves on the way to success. This is the book that can inspire people to take a path less known but make it worth walking for the rest. Arise Awake, as the title suggests, wants to bring out the best version that is hiding under the social, cultural and worldly dilemmas. We all need mentors with relatable situations to guide us and thus the author has created this wonderful bundle of experiences to learn from. 

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