Thanks to modern day technology, it is extremely easy for someone to find something that will consume their attention. They no longer need to go into a crowded place or to watch TV, for instance; the only thing that they need to do is to use their device.

And, even if they only have a few minutes to spare, they could end up spending a number of hours looking at a screen. If this was to take place when they are not working, for instance, they might not mind but, if it was to happen whilst they are supposed to be working, it is going to be a problem.

Wasting Time

Nonetheless, even if this is something that only takes place when they are not working, it is going to stop them from doing other things. Other areas of their life are going to end up being neglected.

If someone was to behave in this way for a number of months, they will spend hours of their precious life doing very little. It is going to be even worse if they were to spend year after year doing this.


The time that they will have spent looking at a screen having their senses stimulated (and chemicals released in their brain) will be lost forever. However, if someone is not aware of what is taking place, there is going to be no reason for them to snap out of this.

They will continue to fritter their precious time away, acting as though this is a commodity that will never run out. Naturally, this kind of behaviour is going to suit the people out there who are doing everything they can to gain people’s attention.

It Takes Effort

In the same way that a brand new house doesn’t fall out of the sky, success is not something that falls out of the sky either. Both big and small achievements take time and, unless someone is able to focus on what truly matters, it is going to be a challenge for them to achieve anything worthwhile.

Being able to focus is likely to be something that will take a little while for someone to develop, especially if they have spent a number of years being distracted by the world around them. Yet, in the same way that putting time into developing their muscles will make their life better, putting time into developing their focus muscle will have a similar impact.

An Important Question

One thing that someone could do is to think about what their life will be like in a few years time if they continue to spend so much of their precious time being distracted. It would be as though one has gone to sleep for a few hours, only to wake up a few years later.

The years will have passed them by whilst they were sleeping, but they won’t have realised this due to being asleep. The difference here is that one won’t have been asleep; they will have merely been distracted.


Perhaps there is a certain person who one admires due to what they have achieved, with this person being seen as successful in their eyes. It is highly likely that this person has laser-like focus.

What this means is that regardless of what is going on around them or even what is going on within them, they are able to block it all out. It will be as though one is in highly populated area, yet they will take themselves somewhere that is completely isolated.

One Point

Just like a candle would absorb their attention in a dark room, their attention will be absorbed by what truly matters. Everything else will end up falling to the wayside, being of no interest to them.

Achieving their short-term as well as long-term goals is not going to be an issue for them. If someone like this was to reflect on this ability, they may find that it took them a little while to get to this point.


What they may have found is that they had a strong drive to change their life; this would have then been the first brick that went down, so to speak. From here, they may have come to the conclusion that they needed to let go of the things that were not serving them.

Eliminating all that was not aiding their growth would have made it a lot easier for them to focus on what would assist them. There would have been what they did in each moment and what they did in general.

The Power of Elimination

Deciding not to have their Smartphone around when they are working on something may have been one thing that has had a big effect on their life, along with letting go of certain people who were having a destructive influence on their life. As the days and weeks went by, it would have gradually become easier for them to define what they focused on.

They may have come to see how important it was for them to eat right, exercise and to get enough sleep, with this giving them the energy that they need to focus their mind. Another thing that they could be aware of is when their willpower is at its strongest and when it starts to fade, so they know when to get things done.


Taking all this into account, if someone is easily distracted and they want this to change, there are a number of things that they can do. What matters is that they take the first step and don’t allow themselves to be distracted any longer.

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